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Due to responsibility and solidarity, the aterlier will be closed until the alarm state will be finished.

Hello, how are you? 

We hope you and your health are well.

I want to explain that we have been surviving for a week, day by day, finishing the orders we’ve already start and knowing that we don’t want to put in risk Lupe, Anna and Sol’s health. After several meetings we have decided that we are all going to stay home. 

Website will continue operating but the workshop will remain closed until the alarm state finishes.We are not going to lie, we are sad, as you we guess. But is the best we can do to not continue with this pandemic, now health has priority above all.

If before it was already difficult to balance numbers, now is going to be more difficult, we are a small Company and that may be a drastic decision, but we are aware that a Brott is not an essential good and first things come first, we don’t want to put our team’s health in risk, neither the carriers and their families.

We will be by your side for what you may need!

Brot, Penny, Marc and I are going to be working from home, organizing ideas, planning next months and staying by your side online to give you some advices or whatever it may make this more bearable.

Stay strong all of you who are having a hard time. We wish this situation will end as soon as possible, together we will succeed!

Thank you all for being part of our community and for all messages that make our hearts beat.




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