Yesterday we were celebrating! Nela turned 2 years old with us, although you will see that Brot also had a gift because they have only been together for a few days... :)


The first year was one of adaptation, she was rebellious despite making that good face... we always say that she is like a "neighborhood princess" because she makes a face like "I didn't do it..." However, she stole food and her instinct When he hunted, if he smelled a cat, he would run after him without paying any attention to us.


Now all this is over! In 2 years there has been more than one change, moves, new place of work, different places to walk, new friends... and the most important: a new member of the family a few years younger than her! A playful and happy galguito who had never seen the world, clumsy as anyone and without fear of anything. This is Brot "the joy of the garden" who has given us a lot of life, and even more so to Nela by making her play constantly, biting her paws , making an avalanche towards her... And she, with her patience, and know-how, follows him or stops the game.
Now she rules above all! They have a clear hierarchy, there's a reason why it's the big one...
Nela is calm, she likes to sunbathe and sleep. Brot is friendly, happy as a rat and loves to play with the ball.


The 4 of us together form Team B, only with a small difference; ) that 2 have 4 legs! Thanks to Seproan Sallent and Galgos112 for the work you do and for introducing us to these two little ones!!