H-harnesses for dogs from Brott Barcelona: the best option for walking with your dog

At Brott Barcelona we are passionate about dogs and fashion. For this reason, we design and handcraft dog accessories with exclusive fabrics and top quality materials. Our goal is for your dog to be comfortable, safe and in the latest trends. One of our star products are the H-harnesses for dogs, harnesses that are H-shaped and adapt perfectly to the dog's body, offering maximum comfort and protection.

Maximum comfort with the H harness for dogs

H-harnesses for dogs are harnesses that have two hooks: one on the chest and one on the back. Its design is characterized by distributing pressure over the chest and
abdomen of the dog, thus avoiding possible damage to the neck, trachea or spine. This is especially important for small dogs, puppies, or dogs with respiratory or cervical problems.

H-harnesses for dogs allow you to have greater control over the dog during walks, especially if it is nervous, scared or pulls on the leash a lot. By having a harness on the chest, you can correct the dog's direction or use a double leash. By having a hitch on the back, the dog can be held in case of emergency or to help it get into the car or overcome an obstacle.

Brott Barcelona H-harnesses for dogs are designed to adapt to the dog's body and allow it to move freely and without chafing. Brott harnesses
Barcelona are made with soft and padded fabrics that provide maximum comfort to the dog. In addition, they are very easy and quick to put on and take off, as they fasten with safety closures made of cast aluminum.

Why choose Brott Barcelona H-harnesses for dogs?

At Brott Barcelona we have a wide variety of original and creative H-harnesses for dogs, with different styles, colors, designs and prints. All of our harnesses are handcrafted from high-quality nylon webbing, which offers
resistance and durability. In addition, we combine the latest design trends
with artisanal and sustainable production, taking care of every detail and minimizing
the environmental impact.

To choose the best H-harness for dogs, you must take into account the size, shape and character of your dog. At Brott Barcelona we have different sizes of H-harness
For large, medium, small dogs and puppies. The important thing is that the harness fits well to the dog's body, without tightening or hanging.

Don't hesitate and discover the H-harnesses for dogs from Brott Barcelona. Your dog will be in the latest fashion, but above all he will be comfortable and safe. What are you waiting for to be a #brottlover?