Plain dog collars

Brott Barcelona: plain collars for dogs with style

Dog collars are an essential accessory for the walk, identification and safety of your dog friend. But why settle for just any collar, when you can choose one that reflects the style and personality of your dog and yourself?

At Brott Barcelona, ​​we are aware that dogs are much more than just pets: they are part of our family and our lifestyle. That's why, since 2010, we have been dedicated to creating quality, designer collars for stylish dogs by hand.

Among our wide variety of models, we want to highlight the plain dog collars, an elegant, simple and versatile option that adapts to any occasion and any type of hair and color of your dog.

Discover the plain dog collars from Brott Barcelona

The plain necklaces from the Solid collection are one of our most popular and demanded lines. These are single-color necklaces, available in 17 different shades, ranging from the most classic ones like black or red, to the most daring ones like fuchsia, turquoise or orange. These necklaces are ideal to combine with any outfit, both your dog's friend and yours, and to create a coordinated and harmonious look.

Brott Barcelona's plain collars are an elegant and versatile option for your dog, as they adapt to any occasion and any type of hair and color of your dog. In addition, they are very comfortable and easy to clean and maintain.

Stylishly designed plain dog collars

Find at Brott Barcelona the unique designs in the best plain dog collars with which to attract everyone's attention, set the trend during your walks and take advantage of all the advantages of buying a plain dog collar in our online store:

  • Quality: all our dog collars are handcrafted with top quality materials, which guarantee the resistance, durability and comfort of our products.
  • Design: all our collars have an original and exclusive design, which follows the latest fashion trends and reflects the character and style of each dog and each owner.
  • Sustainability: all our collars are made locally and ethically, respecting the environment and animal welfare.
  • Service: all our necklaces are shipped within 24-48 hours, with free shipping costs from €59 of purchase. In addition, we offer a personalized and effective customer service, which resolves any questions or incidents you may have.

At Brott Barcelona we have everything you need for your dog to wear a smooth collar of quality, design and comfort. Because at Brott Barcelona we don't make dog collars, we wear attitudes! Are you already #brottlover?