We take care of you and the planet

And this does not mean that we have to produce unnecessary quantities of products. For this reason, our production is limited, we do not like to produce more than necessary. Each purchase is prepared to order, we do not work with stock and we always try to ensure that distribution is done in the most effective way.

We take care of the environment, how?

Accompanying all accessories in cardboard packaging or cloth bags, both reusable, or cardboard logistics boxes for stores in which we do not use any plastic. Using recycled paper filling and paper sealing to reduce the footprint on the environment and facilitate recycling.


Take care and reconvert

When a dog collar is used 365 days a year it can become unrecognizable. Our advice is that you take it off to be at home, just like you, he likes comfort!

But if it is already a few years old and you want to take advantage of the buckle and hardware, you just have to send it to us. In the atelier we will take care of recovering it or changing the tape so that you can put it on as if it were new. With this small gesture we will contribute to the circular economy by promoting the reuse of materials.

After using it several times, we recommend hand washing it with cold water and liquid detergent. If it is very dirty, let it soak for 10-15 minutes so that the stains are easily removed. Remember that bleach or abrasive chemicals are not friends of the planet, nor of dog accessories, this way you will keep them for much longer.

If the buckles get wet with sea water, they can suffer corrosion, clean them with fresh water so that they can be opened and closed comfortably.

And if your faithful friend loves adventures in the forest, rolling around, scratching or playing with other amidogs, give him the oldest one so he doesn't break your heart when he comes back with a tear in the fabric. We make dog collars, yes, but keep in mind that they are carnivores and by nature their jaw is designed to break bones, and whatever they want!


We believe in uniqueness

We are committed to good design, with the aim of constantly improving, creating a dog accessory that speaks about you. In search of originality, we explore different materials and processes to achieve a useful and durable item. We release two collections a year to offer stylish, trendy collars that are also very comfortable and easy for dogs to wear.

Our goal is to ensure that the dog wears the collar with style and sophistication. We create models with the latest trends and we are constantly innovating with different fabrics, prints and sizes.

We are a team!

We do not make dog collars,
We wear attitudes!

Since 2010 we have worked with a team committed to bringing fresh air to the canine sector, our mission is to break with the clichés of the industry and guarantee local products.

Behind each item you can see our essence, which marks the authenticity of a product with values.

In the atelier we take care of every detail to make exclusive and top quality dog ​​accessories. We make a curated selection of suppliers to identify that their philosophy is based on labor respect.

We distinguish ourselves by listening to all of you who are part of Brott and thus being able to continually improve, and you are an important piece!