greyhound shampoo

Discover our greyhound shampoo at Brott Barcelona

Provide maximum care for your greyhound's skin and coat with our selection of shampoo and conditioner specially designed for greyhounds. Because providing the best hygiene is essential, not only to protect their health, but also for the people who live with them. Find at Brott Barcelona our selection of greyhound shampoo made with high-quality raw materials that will help you improve your dog's well-being.

Shampoo for greyhounds ideal to provide them with the best care

The shampoo is specially created and formulated for dogs that have the
very short and not very dense hair that needs constant hydration and nutrition, as is the case of greyhounds. The shampoo for galgs available at Brott Barcelona is composed of oats and rosehip that provide excellent nutrition to short hair and exceptional shine.

Environmentally sustainable products made with the highest quality ingredients
ideal quality to provide the best hygiene to our dog friends and
to get the best results on your coat. Rosehip and oatmeal help regenerate skin and hair, have a healing and reinvigorating effect, and help strengthen hair internally and protect it.

Find in our selection of hygiene for greyhounds the shampoo or conditioner that best suits your dog that will help you nourish and hydrate in depth and enjoy all the quality of our line of hygiene products for greyhounds from Brott Barcelona.

Find the best greyhound shampoo at Brott Barcelona

At Brott Barcelona you can find
different hygiene products specially designed to provide maximum care for the skin and coat of greyhounds. Their physiognomy and the characteristics of having very short and not very dense hair mean that we have to have a specific shampoo that gives them exceptional shine and the best nutrition.

Find in our online store the best hygiene products for greyhounds made with the highest quality raw materials and that have not been tested on animals.
during the production process, to provide the best care and well-being for your dog friend.

At Brott Barcelona you will find environmentally sustainable products made with ingredients of exceptional quality so that you can satisfy all the hygienic needs of our four-legged friends.