Mini or toy dog ​​harness

Incredible designs in mini or toy dog ​​harness from Brott Barcelona

Do you have a small, adorable dog full of personality? Would you like your furry friend to
wear a fashionable, comfortable and quality accessory? Then, Brott Barcelona's mini or toy dog ​​harnesses are what you are looking for.

Brott Barcelona's mini or toy dog ​​harnesses are specially designed to adapt to the size and movements of smaller dogs, seeking their comfort and safety. In addition, they have an original and fun design, with different prints and colors that reflect the personality of each dog.

Discover the original mini dog harnesses from Brott Barcelona

At Brott Barcelona we combine the latest harness design trends with artisanal and sustainable production. Our mini or toy dog ​​harnesses from Brott Barcelona are made with high quality, resistant and durable materials. The outer fabric is soft and breathable, which does not irritate the dog's skin. The harnesses are reinforced inside to give them greater resistance, firmness and

Brott Barcelona mini or toy dog ​​harnesses are suitable for any breed of small dog, as long as their chest circumference is between 32 and 45 cm. Some of the mini dog breeds that can use these harnesses are Chihuahua, Yorkshire terrier, Maltese Bichon, Toy Poodle, Pomeranian, Mini Pinscher, Shih Tzu, Pug, Jack Russell Terrier, Miniature Schnauzer or West Highland White Terrier, among others.

Quality, design and sustainability in our mini dog harnesses

Brott Barcelona mini or toy dog ​​harnesses have many advantages that make them an ideal option for small dogs. Some of these advantages are:

  • They avoid pulling and choking: mini dogs tend to be more nervous and curious, and can pull on the leash forcefully. Harnesses prevent the dog from injuring its neck or windpipe, and teach it to walk without pulling.
  • Improve control and safety: Smaller dogs can be more difficult to control and can escape easily. Harnesses allow you to hold the dog by the back and neck, and prevent it from getting loose or getting lost. In addition, the reflective strips make the dog more visible and prevent possible accidents.
  • They increase comfort and well-being: small dogs may be more sensitive to cold, heat or friction. Harnesses are more comfortable and warmer than collars, and they do not irritate the dog's skin. In addition, the dog feels more protected and confident when wearing the harness.

Brott Barcelona's mini or toy dog ​​harnesses are an excellent option to dress your dog with style, quality and comfort. Don't hesitate and get the harness that you like the most and that suits your dog. Your dog will thank you and will be the envy of the park!

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