Collars for mini or toy dogs

Incredible prints on mini or toy dog ​​collars from Brott Barcelona

Mini or toy dogs are those that weigh less than 5 kg and are very small in size. These dogs are very popular for their adorable appearance, their affectionate nature, and their ability to adapt to small spaces. However, we must not forget that they are dogs with specific needs, both for food, health, hygiene, and accessories.

One of the most important accessories for mini or toy dogs is the collar, as it allows them to identify themselves, walk safely and show off a unique style. But not all collars are suitable for these special dogs. For this reason, at Brott Barcelona we have created a line of collars for mini or toy dogs that adapt perfectly to their characteristics and that offer a wide variety of designs and colors.

Why choose Brott Barcelona mini or toy dog ​​collars?

At Brott we combine the latest design trends in mini or toy dog ​​collars with artisanal, sustainable and quality production to achieve incredible collars for different reasons:

  • Because they are collars designed specifically for mini or toy dogs, with a width and weight appropriate for their size and neck. This avoids possible injuries, chafing or discomfort that generic or oversized collars can cause.
  • Because they are adjustable collars, which can be adapted to the dog's growth or weight changes. In addition, they have a buckle closure that is easy to put on and take off, and a metal ring to attach the matching strap or the identification plate.
  • Because they are fashionable collars that follow the latest trends and allow mini or toy dogs to express their lifestyle. With Brott Barcelona collars, mini or toy dogs will not go unnoticed and will become the center of attention.
  • Because they are quality collars, which are made with soft, resistant and easy-to-clean materials. Brott Barcelona necklaces do not wear out, do not fade and do not lose their shape with correct use. In addition, they are hypoallergenic and respectful of dogs' skin.
  • Because they are sustainable necklaces that are made by hand and locally, reducing the environmental impact and promoting the circular economy. Brott Barcelona collars do not contain toxic or harmful substances for the environment or animals.

Fall in love with our designs in mini or toy dog ​​collars

Brott Barcelona's mini or toy dog ​​collars are the result of artisanal, creative and sustainable work carried out in our family workshop in Barcelona. Each collar is handmade with high-quality materials, such as reinforced fabric, which guarantee the resistance, comfort and durability of the products.

Find at Brott Barcelona the unique designs for mini or toy dog ​​collars with which you will make a difference during walks. Because at Brott Barcelona we don't make dog accessories, we dress attitudes! Are you already a #brottlover?