Cat Collars

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Discover the most original cat collars at Brott Barcelona

Are you looking for original and unique designs in cat collars? Do you want your feline friend to be the
most elegant in the neighborhood? If you are looking for a collar for your cat, whether
for aesthetics or to be easily identified, find here the different
designs that we have for your pet of cat collars thanks to the collection that you will find at Brott Barcelona.

Cat collars with unique and handmade designs

At Brott we manufacture high-quality accessories for pets such as cat collars designed with materials that, when constantly in contact with the animal's skin, do not cause irritation or peeling. Handmade designs made in our atelier in which you can choose the print, color and model that you like the most in our selection of cat collars.

Cats are animals of habit, if you want your feline friend to wear a collar, it is best that you get him used to wearing it from a young age. At Brott you will find different styles, models and prints of cat collars that will fit, depending on the size you choose, better to the physiognomy of your cat friend.

The cat collars that you will discover at Brott are designed and manufactured by hand in our workshop. We pay special attention to the quality of our fabrics and
We put a lot of care into our designs, because we know the importance of providing the highest quality to this type of cat accessories. Highest quality materials, flexible and safe necklaces with perfectly finished finishes.
so as not to cause any type of damage.

Discover the cat collar model you were looking for

In our catalog of cat collars we have a single size that is perfectly regulated for your convenience and comfort in
depending on the size and weight of your feline friend.

Discover the most modern, unique and original models and choose the color and print that will give your cat a special touch. Choose the model you like the most and receive it at home
in less than you imagine thanks to our shipments in 24 – 48 hours.

Find at Brott Barcelona the unique designs of the best cat collars with which to attract everyone's attention and be the envy of the neighborhood. Because in Brott
Barcelona we don't make cat collars, we wear attitudes! Are you already a #brottlover?