Greyhound winter coats

Discover the most original winter clothing for greyhounds at Brott Barcelona

With the arrival of winter and the drop in temperatures, our greyhound, because they are short-haired dogs, needs a key accessory such as a greyhound winter coat.
that provides you with warmth, comfort and helps you not get cold. Find in our
Shop online all the models handcrafted in our atelier and enjoy the highest quality of our fabrics.

Handmade and original designs in outerwear for greyhounds

Greyhounds are dogs that have a very particular physiognomy and are characterized by
They have short hair and very little fat, so they are more affected by the drops in temperature and cold typical of the winter months. Therefore, it is essential that we must be careful when there are very low temperatures to prevent them from getting sick by providing them with all the comfort and warmth they can have thanks to dressing them in warm clothing designed
especially for them.

Find winter clothing for greyhounds designed and made in our atelier with top quality and sustainable materials in our Brott Barcelona online store.
which will help your greyhound protect against cold, rain and heat loss during the coldest months. Our winter coats for greyhounds are made with an outer fabric that is water-repellent, making it ideal for rainy days and the interior filling is essential so that they can maintain body heat.

Winter coats for greyhounds that are easy to put on, with timeless models and designs that you will love. Choose the print of the winter coat for greyhounds that best suits you.
like it and combine it with our greyhound collars to go together on your walks.

Winter coats for greyhounds designed to provide maximum comfort

At Brott Barcelona you can find different models of coats, raincoats and winter clothing
for greyhounds made and designed with the highest quality materials to offer our dog friends maximum comfort during the coldest days of winter. In our selection you can find a wide range of models and original prints to choose the winter coat for greyhound that you like the most, but without losing any protection against the cold and rain.

Find at Brott Barcelona the unique designs of the best winter coats for greyhounds with which to attract everyone's attention and set a trend during your walks.
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