If you want to keep the color and material characteristics of your dog collar or leash to the maximum, always follow these instructions as we have carried out the relevant tests to verify and guarantee the quality of our dog collars and leashes.



Should I wash the collar or leash?

Yeah. From time to time, because if our pets have a great time they tend to get dirty.

Should I use detergent?

If you use a detergent with ecological labels you will help the environment. Try to use moderate amounts of detergent as it can cause stains on clothes.

Can I use bleach?

Do not use bleach on any of our products if you want to keep their colors vivid.

Can I wash the necklace by hand?

Yes, we recommend it. Dissolve the detergent well before inserting the collar or leash. Wash them separately from other clothes, as the water can stain them. It is preferable to use a bag of delicate garments.

washing temperature

Always respect the indicated washing temperature. Colored fabrics and ribbons may fade.

How should it be dried?

The outdoors is the best dryer. Avoid the industrial dryer and expose the garments directly to the sun during drying, to prevent them from losing color.

Can it be ironed?

Most of our products do not allow ironing



It shrinks if washed at too high a temperature even though we have already washed it to prevent it from doing so. If it has color, it should be washed separately for the first time.

polyester or nylon

They are sensitive to heat, they should be washed in lukewarm water. They are very resistant, they wrinkle little and they fix the colors well.