Greyhound Harness

Brott Barcelona greyhound harnesses: safety, comfort and style

Are you looking for a safety harness for your greyhound? At Brott Barcelona you can find the best greyhound harnesses designed by hand to ensure maximum comfort, safety and protection during your walks and adventures. We know that the
Greyhounds are special dogs, with unique physical and emotional characteristics. For this reason, we have created a line of greyhound harnesses specially designed for them. Our greyhound harnesses are three-point harnesses, also called anti-escape harnesses, which adapt perfectly to the greyhound's body and offer maximum protection.

Handmade and original designs in 3-point harness for greyhounds

Greyhounds are very thin animals since they have a fairly small head and a very thin neck, so if they are scared they could take the harness off of their head.
body very easily. For this reason, 3-point greyhound harnesses have been designed that will allow them to be restrained by the neck, chest and back, preventing them from escaping.

Three-point harnesses for greyhounds are harnesses that have three hooks: one on the chest, one on the abdomen and one on the back. Greyhounds are very agile dogs and
slippery, which can easily come out of a normal harness. Three-point harnesses for greyhounds prevent the dog from slipping out of the harness, as they have a double closure system that adjusts to the contour of the dog's chest and abdomen.

In addition, three-point harnesses for greyhounds allow you to have greater control over the dog, especially if it is nervous, skittish or pulls on the leash a lot and this type of greyhound harnesses are designed to adapt to the thin and elongated body of the greyhound and allow it to move freely and without friction.

Brott Barcelona greyhound harnesses are handmade with high-quality nylon tape with OEKOTEX certification that guarantees that the harness does not contain harmful substances and can be used with contact
Directly with the skin, providing softness and a pleasant touch for your delicate skin. They are very easy and quick to put on and take off, as they fasten with safety closures made of cast aluminum to provide maximum quality and safety.

Discover the best greyhound harnesses at Brott Barcelona

The different models of anti-escape harnesses for greyhounds that we design at Brott Barcelona
They have not only the latest fashion trends but also artisanal, sustainable and quality production to obtain the best greyhound harnesses with a production that has the minimum impact on the environment.

To choose the best greyhound harness, you must take into account the size, shape and character of your dog. At Brott Barcelona we have different harness sizes for large, medium and small greyhounds.

Remember that you can complement the harness with a matching leash and thus be completely combined when walking. Original, unique and innovative greyhound harness designs that you will fall in love with. In our incredible selection you can find all styles,
colors, designs and prints so that your dog is up to date with the latest fashion trends, but always providing maximum safety and comfort during your walks.

Don't hesitate and discover Brott Barcelona's greyhound harnesses. Your greyhound will be in the latest fashion, but above all it will be comfortable and safe. Are you already a #brottlover?