Collars for large dogs

Modern designs in collars for large dogs at Brott Barcelona

Large dogs are calm, faithful and loving animals that deserve the best from us. Therefore, when choosing a collar for your large dog, you cannot settle for just anything. You need a collar that fits your size, is comfortable and resistant, but above all, that reflects your personality.

At Brott Barcelona we are specialists in designing and making quality collars for large dogs, with elegant designs and unique prints. We know how hard it is to find accessories for large dogs! Our necklaces are handmade, in our workshop in Barcelona, ​​with sustainable and environmentally friendly materials.

Original and unique prints on large dog collars that you will fall in love with.

Brott Barcelona is the brand of dog collars that dog lovers will not forget. Since 2010, we have designed and created collars for large dogs, and for all sizes, with a unique style and exceptional quality from our artisan workshop.

Whether you have a large mixed breed dog, or not, such as a German Shepherd, Belgian Shepherd, Rottweiler, Bernese Mountain Dog, Mastiff or Bulldog, you should buy a collar for a large dog that adapts well to its characteristics. A large dog needs a collar that does not break easily, is safe and comfortable, does not squeeze or hurt its neck, and allows it to breathe and move without difficulty. A collar for a large dog should also have a secure closure that does not open or catch on anything, and a metal ring to attach the matching leash or identification tag.

The closure of the collar that we use at Brott is patented, made of cast and polished aluminum that has a security system so that you can walk in complete safety with your furry friend.

Discover all the handmade collars for large dogs from Brott Barcelona

At Brott Barcelona we combine the latest design trends with artisanal and sustainable production, taking care of every detail and minimizing environmental impact. Original designs and prints on large dog collars that you can combine with a matching leash or harness.

If you have a large dog and want to give him the best, don't hesitate and buy a large dog collar from Brott Barcelona. We assure you that your dog will be happy, comfortable and elegant with its new collar, and that it will have a spectacular and original look. In addition, you will be supporting a local, sustainable and supportive brand that loves animals and works with passion and professionalism.