Patterned dog harness

Stylish designs in printed dog harness

At Brott Barcelona we believe that every dog deserves to shine with its own light. That's why we've dedicated our passion and skill to designing patterned harnesses that are not only safe and comfortable, but also reflective of each dog's personality and style. Our printed dog harnesses are more than just accessories; They are fashion statements, made with love and an unwavering commitment to quality, sustainability and the environment.

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At Brott Barcelona our passion for design is the heart of our brand. Each printed harness we create is a unique piece that conveys a lifestyle, adds vitality and makes walks not so boring.

Craftsmanship is key in our production and design process. We pay attention to every detail, from color palette selection to pattern accuracy. Additionally, we are committed to sustainable design. We use eco-friendly printing techniques and recycled fabrics, thereby reducing our environmental footprint.

At Brott Barcelona we understand that each dog is unique and has its own style. Therefore, our collection of printed dog harnesses is designed to satisfy all tastes. From the most vibrant and colorful to the most subtle and elegant, our prints are selected to offer something special for each customer. In addition, we have limited editions that capture the trends of each season.

Printed dog harness with original designs that you will fall in love with

Brott Barcelona's printed harnesses are much more than a simple accessory for your faithful friend; They are a fusion of functionality, fashion and comfort. Each harness is a special piece that speaks to your dog's personality, with designs ranging from classic to contemporary.

Made from high-quality materials, they offer durability and exceptional comfort, ensuring your companion feels comfortable on every ride. Furthermore, by choosing our harnesses, you are supporting local trade, since we produce in our workshop and all production is environmentally responsible. With Brott Barcelona, your dog will not only look elegant, but will also enjoy the freedom of movement and security that he deserves.

To choose the best dog harness, you must take into account the size, shape and character of your dog. At Brott Barcelona we have different sizes of harnesses for large, medium, small dogs and puppies. The important thing is that the harness fits well to the dog's body, without tightening or hanging.

Don't hesitate and discover the original printed dog harnesses from Brott Barcelona. Your furry friend will be in the latest fashion, but above all he will be comfortable and safe. What are you waiting for to be a #brottlover?