large dog leashes

Large dog leashes designed by hand at Brott Barcelona

One of the most important decisions you should make is what type of leash you are going to use for your large dog because these types of large dogs, in addition to being wonderful, loving and loyal companions, are also full of energy, so They require special care, especially when walking.

The leash is the element that unites you with your dog during the walk, and that is why it must be comfortable, safe and resistant. A suitable leash will allow you to control your dog, prevent it from escaping or pulling too much, and also protect it from possible accidents or dangerous situations. At Brott Barcelona we prioritize safety, which is why we have designed specific leashes for large dogs, so that they also enjoy incredible walks.

Attract all eyes during your walks with our large dog leashes

Large dogs have considerable strength and weight, and that is why they need strong leashes that adapt to their size and personality. A thin or weak leash can break, cause harm to the dog or human, or make communication between the two difficult. A leash that is too long, thick or heavy can become tangled, impair mobility for the dog or human, and create unnecessary tension.

Therefore, it is essential to choose a leash that is the right length, thickness, material, and design for your large dog. This way you can enjoy more pleasant, safe and fun walks. An ideal option for walks with large dogs is our size M leash. It is 2.5 cm wide and 120 cm long, it is the standard leash, ideal for relaxed walks where the dog can have the correct space to sniff and recognize its streets.

Another option, not so common and more specific, is the short and wide strap. It measures 4 cm wide and 40 cm long to keep our big furry friend close during walks around the city. Remember that each size of our leashes has a specific carabiner, lighter in the small leashes and larger in the leashes for large dogs so that they better support the strength of our 4-legged friend.

Our straps are made of high-strength nylon, covered in cotton fabric printed with exclusive and original designs. The nylon gives the leash the strength and durability needed for large dogs, and the cotton fabric adds a touch of softness and style. In addition, our straps have a metal carabiner that is easy to open and close and of the highest quality.

Stylish designs in large dog leashes from Brott Barcelona

Brott Barcelona large leashes are ideal for large dog breeds, which usually weigh more than 30 kg and are more than 50 cm tall. There are many breeds of large dogs that need a resistant and quality walking leash: Labrador, German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Boxer, Doberman, Akita, Dogo Argentino or Bullmastiff.

Leashes for large dogs are essential accessories for walks, which must be chosen judiciously and with love. At Brott Barcelona we offer you leashes for large dogs that meet all the quality, safety and style requirements that your dog deserves.

Don't hesitate and discover the large dog leashes from Brott Barcelona. Your furry friend will be in the latest fashion, but above all he will be comfortable and safe. What are you waiting for to be a #brottlover?