small dog collar

Choose Brott Barcelona when buying a small dog collar

Small dogs are adorable, fun and noble life companions. But they also have specific needs that must be taken into account when caring for them. One of them is the walking collar, an essential accessory for your safety, comfort and style.

What type of collar is best for a small dog?

Small mixed breed dogs such as Chihuahuas, Yorkshire Terriers, Pomeranians or Maltese, among others, have a delicate and sensitive neck, so it is not recommended to use collars that exert a lot of pressure or that may cause chafing or irritation.

At Brott Barcelona we know that small dog collars are important because they have a specific design and production for their size that allow you to walk your dog with safety and control, since you can hold it with a leash and prevent it from escaping or to get into trouble.

Brott Barcelona small dog collars are designed to avoid injuries or irritation, as they are handcrafted with soft and comfortable materials that adapt to their anatomy. In our Brott Barcelona online store you can choose from a wide variety of designs, colors and prints on small dog collars that will make your furry friend show off a unique and original style. Small dogs are very flirtatious and like to attract attention, so why not choose a collar that makes them feel special?

Stylishly designed small dog collars

Brott Barcelona small dog collars have many advantages that make them stand out from the rest. One of them is their quality, since they are made with top quality materials, such as soft and highly resistant nylon or ecological leatherette, depending on the model. These materials offer strength and durability, and are easy to clean.

Collars designed for different sizes of small dogs and so that they fit perfectly to the neck, thus providing maximum convenience and comfort. Find at Brott Barcelona the unique designs of the best dog collars with which to attract everyone's attention and set a trend during your walks. Because at Brott Barcelona we don't make dog collars, we wear attitudes! Join the Brott Club!