Dog harnesses

Discover the original Brott Barcelona dog harnesses

If you are looking for an original and unique dog harness for your dog, in our Brott Barcelona
collection you will find the best dog harnesses designed by hand in our atelier that will ensure the highest quality, protection, safety and a unique design.

The dog harness will become an ideal complement on your walks since, when worn, the harness
discourages your dog from pulling, preventing it from getting hurt. For dogs that play sports and also for those who travel a lot by car, the dog harness will become an ideal complement.

Find here the most original and creative dog harnesses with a unique touch thanks to the
collection that you will find at Brott Barcelona.

Dog harness with original designs that will make you fall in love

The petral system of dog harnesses are ideal for providing our dog with maximum comfort during walks, as well as being very easy and quick to put on. Brott Barcelona dog harnesses are made with soft fabrics to take care of those areas where friction occurs, thus avoiding injuries  

There are many advantages of using dog harnesses for our dog friend, since their use reduces the risk of neck injuries, so it is advisable to use a small dog harness for toy breeds. Harnesses for large dogs are characterized by being more robust and resistant because our dog has more strength.

 At Brott we combine the latest dog harness design trends with quality, sustainable, artisanal
production to ensure that the best dog harnesses are safe and whose production has the least impact on the environment.

All the different models of dog harnesses that you can find in our online store are made by hand with
high-quality nylon webbing, which provides resistance and a pleasant touch. The safety locks of the dog harnesses made of cast aluminum provide us with the highest quality and safety. In addition, you can buy both the harness and the leash to match and go to the last one!

Discover all the types of dog harness you were looking for

At Brott Barcelona we have different sizes of harnesses for large dogs, harnesses for small dogs and
harnesses for puppies. Petral harness designed for different breeds of dog and to fit perfectly to the body and thus provide maximum convenience and comfort on any walk.

Find in Brott Barcelona the unique designs in the best dog harnesses with which to attract all eyes and
set trends during your walks. Remember that you can complement the harness with a matching leash and thus be fully combined when walking.

Original, unique and innovative dog harness designs that will make you fall in love. In our incredible selection you will be able to find all the styles, colours, designs and prints so that your dog can keep up with the latest fashion trends, but always providing maximum safety and comfort during your walks. Are you already a #brottlover?