Is your dog afraid of firecrackers ? Brot & Nela are very scared of loud noises and we want to share with you some of the tricks we use so that they don't have such a bad time, they are not miraculous but they do help them not have so much anxiety.

It is true that any child or adult can surprise you in a moment and throw the fireworks party without being aware that your dog may have anxiety, therefore, it is very important to keep the collar and leash well tied and with an identification tag in case that he could run away from fright.


If you can, we 100% recommend going far from civilization, whether it's a #petfriendly rural house in the middle of the countryside or the mountains. So you can relax next to them and forget about all those noises until late at night. By clicking here , on SrPerro , you will find plenty of places where dogs are welcome.

If you stay at home, when the noise festival begins, we close the windows, turn on the air conditioning or fan and play music to distract attention from the firecrackers. Nela goes straight to the bathroom, the most sheltered part of the apartment, to minimize the noise, and the poor thing waits for the downpour to pass. But Brot doesn't know where to go and goes from one place to another trembling, without knowing what is happening.


We would never think of leaving them home alone because we believe they can feel safer if we are there with them. Of course, we neither ignore them nor console them. We try at all times not to reinforce their fears and try to pass the time as if nothing was happening.

Regarding medication, we are not in favor of medicating them because we have never seen them have such a bad time to the point that they need a relaxant. But we recommend that if your dog has a phobia of firecrackers, consult your veterinarian to find out the correct medication and avoid unnecessary scares.

Another little trick that we use is a toy that they really like and they don't always have it, so they can entertain themselves, look for the cookie-shaped prizes inside it, and distract their main attention for a moment from the noise outside the home. But above all, the most important thing is to convey calm because they feel your fears, and this way they will also feel calmer.


We hope that these tips can help you if your dog is afraid of firecrackers . We'll also love to read in the comments what you do in these situations to learn new techniques!