Today we want to talk about O Clube da Tula , a brand of canine accessories for large dogs that transmits passion , delicacy , love for things well made, creativity and exclusivity .


So that you know a little more about O Clube da Tula , it is a select community of dogs from Porto (Portugal) and the world whose members love the good life, with owners who appreciate and value canine fashion for their four-legged friends. . The protagonist of the project was Tula , the most elegant Spanish greyhound in Porto; It was she who came up with all this.

We found out about O Clube da Tula a few years ago, thanks to an email sent to us by the project's human, Candela. He exuded clear ideas and a lot of frankness.

We felt very identified when he told us that he couldn't find anything in the dog market that he liked and that's why he decided to meet with Tula, brainstorm and design his own product to be able to share it with his friends. Therefore, we do not hesitate for a second to read your approach.

O Clube da Tula was like a revelation, Candela didn't even consider what could happen if the idea didn't work. What I did know was that I was willing to push forward no matter what came.

During the ideation time he met a great little team of photographers called Bunker Studio , formed by Paula Ribeiro (veterinarian and passionate about fashion photography), and Rubén Diogo (graphic designer and passionate about architectural photography). The two, along with their two adopted dogs, the Pitbull named Samoa and the Labrador Congo , spent hours taking photographs of them and also helping other dogs get adopted.

black labrador-pitbull-adopted-bunker-studio

That sensitivity led them to collaborate with Candela and Tula , photographing their canine accessories . Thus wonderful images emerged. And although Tula seemed to have respect for the objective, from the first session she revealed herself to be an experienced muse and left everyone perplexed.


Everything went smoothly with the first series of products: the “tuli-scarves” . Because? Because they are one of the best canine accessories that, while dressing your dog's neck, are used to transport poop bags. In each tuli-scarf there is a pocket where you can put the bags and thus forget about carrying them yourself if you have nowhere to take them. This invention was registered at European level under the also registered name of Civic Dog .


Later came the Burel coats and ruffs (a traditional Portuguese felt), among others... All the products came to fill that gap that often exists to dress large dogs with style... It was time for them to also show off accessories beautiful and original canines that gave them a glamorous and at the same time naive touch, “fofinho” as we would say in Portuguese, despite their size.

O Clube da Tula 's tuli-scarves and other canine accessories are made from carefully selected fabrics, 100% cotton (or 100% wool, in the case of Burel's coats and ruffs). Just like Brott canine accessories , the tuli-scarves, ruffs and coats are made by hand one by one, so no two are ever alike.


Furthermore, one of the features that makes the bond between humans and furry dogs even stronger is the tuli-bandanas, which were originally created to be worn not only by your dog, but also by the children in the house. This way, the most magical members of the family, two-legged and four-legged, can show the world that they are a true team! And, for its part, the “Human Gola” also allows you to go combined with your dog, when he or she wears his or her Burel coat and/or gola, thus reinforcing the team character.

The whole project as a whole seemed great to us. But Candela, who always seeks to satisfy her two- and four-legged friends more, contacted us to enrich it and combine the tuli-scarves with some Brott greyhound collars .

And thus a beautiful friendship was born. In this way, thanks to the love for our adopted greyhounds and the passion and creativity we have to give them the best, all dogs can wear their matching Brott tuli-scarves and collars in style.


Because they deserve this and much more!

P:S: at the time of publishing this post, a new greyhound has joined the family: Corbusier (Corbu to friends), who, despite having spent a lot of time on the street, demonstrated from day one a true fashionista and lover of O Clube da Tula and Brott accessories.