We have always respected all animals and in our homes we have been accompanied by dog ​​members as one more member of the family. Nela's adoption in 2010 at the Seproan shelter , located in Sallent, and the need to buy a collar for Greyhound that suited her anatomy was a trigger for creativity and passion for design along with the love we felt for her. For this reason, and because he deserved it, we decided to innovate by making a martingale collar for Greyhound with a printed fabric that we found attractive and that made us feel proud when we walked him. After a year, we thought that Nela needed a companion and we were introduced to a friendly six-month-old Greyhound who revolutionized the house. In honor of our project we named it Brot .


We love all themproject by Brott Barcelona

For us, adoption was a new experience and, without a doubt, the best option to give a home to the animals that need it most.

Thanks to Marc from Seproan Sallent , whom we met one day at the vete when we were going to look for Brida, Marta's Catalan sheepdog, he explained to us that we could go to the Protectora whenever we wanted. And so we did it and that's how we fell in love with “Estrella”, now Nela. This is why, thanks to Seproan and all its volunteers, we met Nela and without her all this would not have been possible. We decided to do our bit last year and donate our first profit , along with necklaces and other gifts , to Seproan .

Thanks to Nela , and later Brot , Brott Barcelona emerged but also our need to offer the best to all animals, not only in their image and care but also in covering the most basic care needs. For this reason, and so that no dog is left without a home, we created the “We love all them” project, donating 5% of sales profits to different animal protection associations.


Greyhound Project: Greyhound Protective Association

We have known Proyecto Galgo for more than a year and we have been in contact with them on several occasions. Thus, due to their great heart and effort in finding a home for the abandoned dogs, we believed that they deserved our contribution to move forward.

So that you know a little more about them, they have been actively helping and collaborating with different protectionist associations for more than nine years, but the association was created after the death of Nika , a greyhound from a couple of volunteers. From there, they decided to actively help other greyhounds who had not been as fortunate as Nika, and still needed help to find a family and get out of the world of hunting and abandonment.

In these two years they have already helped more than 30 dogs find a home. Being a family association, they have few resources and only have the help of supporters and volunteers, as well as the €1 per month teaming platform . At the moment they have no partners or subsidies of any kind. Thanks to carrying out solidarity sales stands, they can cover the expenses generated by recovering an abandoned, injured, sometimes traumatized or sick animal. That is why this year we have decided to help them with our project “We love all them” .


Furthermore, thanks to their active participation and dissemination on social networks, they help ensure that all types of animals deserve a home. If you want to contribute your grain of sand, you can share this post and follow Proyecto Galgo , so that every day more people will know about this association . Who knows if your future dog friend may be with them waiting for you...