Who is behind Brott?

Brott was born in Barcelona with the goal of offering quality and designer collars for dogs with style.

Brott's collections are characterized by their original selection of colors and prints in line with the most current fashion trends.

Each necklace is made by hand in Barcelona in a completely artisanal way with top quality materials. The result is an accessory for the dog that is as comfortable to wear as it is avant-garde.

But although it is not little, there is much more...

In reality, the blame for everything (although they don't know it) lies with Nela and Brot, our greyhounds. We adopted them in 2010 and since then they have been a continuous inspiration. We set out to offer them the best and with that motivation we looked for a comfortable, designer and top quality necklace for them.

But we couldn't find it and so we decided not to give up.

We would have to invent it.

They also deserve an accessory of the highest quality and, why not, absolutely trendy. We were clear that it had to be a safe collar but also comfortable. And it would be great to be able to modernize your image with the most current design.

With all this in mind we handcrafted their first necklaces. We liked them a lot and so did they (it shows). And many who saw them and asked us for one.

In this way, little by little we have been advancing until we have made a personal project full of enthusiasm and dedication a reality.

Thanks Nela and Brot! Thanks also to the first ones who trusted us and to those who every day are encouraged to have a Brott as a small revolution to give something special to their best friends.

Marc and Martha