Do you know how many hours your furry sleeps? Surely the first thing you have thought is: “Well, more than me!”

For both people and animals, sleep is a vital necessity to maintain good health, both physical and mental, this way you will be healthy since otherwise you can become very upset and even aggressive by not resting properly.

As a general rule, depending on its characteristics and daily routine, an adult dog sleeps about 13 hours a day , divided into 8-9 hours at night and lighter breaks during the day, because we already know that they always have their ears ready for any sound...

Knowing all this, we can understand that if our faithful friend accompanies us anywhere outside of his usual routine, his sleeping habits are being modified and it should be minimized as much as possible so that he can rest sufficiently and be able to face a new day. in its best conditions.


The most important thing is that when we arrive at the place where we are going to spend a few hours or days, he knows where he is going to rest, putting his Roll Bed and a feeder or waterer if needed. This way you will know that those things are yours and will encourage you to take that corner as yours.

With the new ROLL BED you will not need to take those towels that are so uncomfortable to transport. This portable bed is so comfortable that you won't believe it, light and practical thanks to its handle to transport it and with snap-click closures to open it quickly.


But what adds more value is that it is made by hand in Barcelona , ​​respecting the environment since its interior is filled with 100% recycled fiber from PET bottles .


It is available in two sizes and five colors. But since reading it is not the same as seeing it, click here and discover which color you like best!


Whether for a getaway, having vermouth on a terrace or going to the abuser's house, the new Roll Bed will be the favorite for your rest away from home!


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