Dog tag collars

Discover the most original dog collars with identification tags. It is important that your dog can be identified at all times by means of an identification tag that contains all the important data of your dog friend such as his name or chip number and the owner's contact information. such as address or telephone number. The identification plate is of vital importance and should always be worn, especially when we take it for a walk, since this way it could be fully identified in any emergency situation. Discover at Brott Barcelona the most original, innovative and unique designs in dog collars with identification tags that you will fall in love with. Stylish designs in dog collars with identification plate The collars with identification plate that we design at Brott Barcelona are handcrafted with high-quality nylon tape, very resistant and pleasant to the touch. You can choose from our different models the color you like the most. We have different dog collars that have an identification tag whose closure that we use at Brott is made of cast and polished aluminum with a safety closure. The name plate is made of metal alloy with nickel free coating. At Brott we combine the latest trends in dog collars with identification tags so that your dog is always well identified, but without losing style. At Brott Barcelona we always opt for artisanal, sustainable and quality production to obtain safe dog collars with names and whose production has minimal impact on the environment. Personalized dog collars with your name and your contact information on an identification plate that allows you to easily and quickly know if the animal that has been lost or escaped has a family and can be contacted. Discover in our selection of dog collars with identification tags the model that you like the most and remember that you can combine it to go with one of our dog leashes with original and unique designs. Collars with personalized dog tags We have different sizes of dog collars with identification tags so that they fit perfectly to the different dog breeds and their necks and thus provide them with maximum convenience and comfort. The dog collars with personalized name tags that you will discover at Brott Barcelona are designed by hand in our atelier, where we pay special attention to all the details and to creating resistant name collars with a pleasant touch. Find at Brott Barcelona the unique designs of the best dog collars with identification tags with which you can always be well identified and never lose style and the latest trends during your walks. Because at Brott Barcelona we don't make dog collars, we wear attitudes! Are you already #brottlover?