large dog harness

Handcrafted harness for large dogs

Large dogs are those furry dogs that measure more than 60 cm and weigh more than 30 kg.
They are like giant teddy bears, but with more drool and more desire to play.
There are many breeds of large dogs that need a harness to go out for a walk, such as Labrador, German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Boxer, Doberman, Akita, Dogo Argentino or Bullmastiff.

At Brott Barcelona we know how hard it is to find accessories for large dogs such as harnesses. Because when choosing a harness for your large dog you cannot settle for just anything, you need a harness that ensures maximum quality, protection, safety and a unique design, like the ones we make by hand in our atelier.

Original, safe and comfortable harnesses for large dogs

When walking a large dog, it is important to choose a suitable harness that provides comfort, security and control. A harness is an accessory that is placed around the dog's chest and abdomen, and attached with a strap to the neck or back.
Furthermore, thanks to the designs and prints of the Brott Barcelona harnesses you will give a touch of style and personality to your furry friend, who will surely appreciate it.

At Brott Barcelona we have a wide variety of harnesses for large dogs with different styles, colors, designs and prints. All of our dog harnesses are handcrafted in our atelier with high-quality nylon tape, which offers strength and durability.
In addition, we combine the latest design trends with artisanal and sustainable production, taking care of every detail and minimizing the environmental impact.

Discover all the types of harness for large dogs that you were looking for

Large dogs tend to have more strength and energy, so they may pull more on the leash or
try to escape. With a harness, you can prevent your dog from injuring its neck or back, and have better control over its movements. In addition, harnesses for large dogs are more comfortable and safer than collars, since they do not squeeze or rub their skin.

Our Brott Barcelona large dog harnesses are not only beautiful and stylish, but also comfortable, safe and environmentally friendly. The petral system of dog harnesses are ideal for providing our dog with maximum comfort during walks, in addition to being very easy and quick to put on.

Remember that you can buy the harness and leash to match and thus go completely combined
when walking. In our online store you can find all the models of dog harnesses and leashes that you will fall in love with. And if you want to personalize your dog's look even more, you can also add a collar with its name.

Don't hesitate and discover Brott Barcelona's large dog harnesses. Your furry friend will be in the latest fashion, but above all he will be comfortable and safe. What are you waiting for to be a #brottlover?