Medium dog harness

Let yourself be surprised by our medium dog harness designs and prints

Do you have a medium dog and want to give him the best? Brottdog medium dog harnesses are a
comfortable, safe and fun option for walking with your furry friend. Our harnesses are made with high-quality materials in a sustainable way that guarantee resistance, softness and breathability. In addition, they are very easy and quick to put on and take off, as they fasten with cast aluminum safety closures.

Medium dog harness that you will fall in love with

Harnesses for medium dogs are accessories that are placed around the chest and abdomen of
the animal. Unlike collars, which only attach to the neck, harnesses distribute pressure throughout the dog's body, thus avoiding possible injuries to the trachea, neck or spine.

In addition, medium dog harnesses allow you to have greater control over your 4-legged friend during your walks, especially if he has a tendency to pull on the leash or escape. With a harness, you can hold your dog more firmly and safely, without hurting or suffocating him if your friend pulls a lot. This way, you can walk more calmly and enjoy the company of your dog.

The Brott Barcelona medium dog harnesses are handmade with high-quality nylon tape with
OEKOTEX certification that guarantees that the harness does not contain harmful substances and can be used with direct contact with the skin, providing softness and a pleasant touch for your dog. delicate skin. They are very easy and quick to put on and take off, as they fasten with safety closures made of cast aluminum to provide maximum quality and safety.

Brott Barcelona: original and quality designs in harness for medium dogs

Brottdog medium dog harnesses are suitable for dogs weighing between 10 and 25 kg, and a
chest circumference between 40 and 70 cm. Medium dog breeds that can use these harnesses include the Beagle, Border Collie, Cocker Spaniel, Schnauzer, Shiba Inu, French Bulldog, Basset Hound, Shar Pei and many more.

Original, unique and innovative designs in a stylish medium dog harness that you will fall in love with. In our incredible selection you can find all the styles, colors, designs and prints so that your furry friend can be up to date with the latest fashion trends, but always with maximum safety during your walks.

Don't hesitate and discover Brott Barcelona's medium dog harnesses. Your furry friend will be in the latest fashion, but above all he will be comfortable and safe. What are you waiting for to be a #brottlover?