If you want to keep the most of the features of color and materials to your dog collar or leash, always follow these instructions, as we have done to find relevant evidence and ensure the quality of our collars and dog leashes.



Should I wash a garment?

From time to time as if our pets are having great they will be dirty.

Should I use detergent?

If you use a detergent with eco-labels, you'll help the environment. Try using moderate amounts of detergent because can cause stains on clothing.

Can I use bleach?

Do not use bleach in any of our products if you want to keep your colors.

We recommend hand washing

Dissolve the detergent before introducing the collar or leash. Wash them separate from other garments, as the water can be colored.

Wash temperature

Always respect the wash temperature indicated. Fabrics and ribbons may fade.

How can I dry it?

The outdoors is the best dryer. Try to avoid the dryer and avoid clothes exposing directly to the sunlight to prevent fading.

Can I iron it?

Most of our products do not support the ironing.



It shrinks if it is washed too hot. If it has color, should be washed separately the first time. It is flexible and highly resistant.

Gros grain or taffeta

They are silky and the colors are attached. They are very resistant, easily burn and charged with static electricity.

Polyester or nylon

They are sensitive to heat, should be washed in warm water. They are very resistant, wrinkle a little bit and the colors are attached. They charged with static electricity.


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