Collares para perros hechos a mano en Barcelona

Brott Barcelona

Brott Barcelona was born in 2010 with the aim of creating quality and design dog collars and leashes for stylish dogs.
Brott collections are characterized by their original selection of colors and patterns in line with the latest fashion trends.
Each collar is completely handmade in Barcelona with high quality materials. The result is a complement for a modern dog, comfortable and easy to wear.
But although it is not a little there is more.
In fact, our greyhounds Nela and Brot are guilty (though they do not know it). It all started when we adopted them and since then they are a continual inspiration. We set out to offer them the best and with that motivation we look for them a comfortable collar, design and high quality. But we did not found it and then we decided not to give up.

We should innovate in the canine sector.
They also deserve a canine accessory with the highest quality and, why not, absolutely trendy. We knew it had to be a safety dog collar but also comfortable. And it would be great to modernize its image with the most current design. With all this in mind we developed by hand their first martingale for greyhounds. We liked it a lot and they also (it is perceived ;)). And many who saw them they ask us for one.

Thus, little by little we have progressed to reach a project full of enthusiasm and dedication.
Thanks Nela and Brot! Thanks also to the first who trusted us and those who every day are encouraged to have a Brott as a small revolution to give something special to their best friends.

Modern dog collars

Brott Barcelona brings to the street the latest trends in the form of comfortable, dog collars with high quality and carefree. Brott collections are designed for modern dogs with owners who have good taste, considering that the designs mark a personality and show the character of dogs and owners.  It represents a breath of fresh air for canine supplements that modernizes the image of the dog (and his proud owner).

Brott has no prejudices of color, solids, prints, minimalist. We are sure there is a pattern or color for you and your faithful friend.

MINIM the elegance of black satin in contrast with color stitching.

SOLID an explosion of color in the current tones, with lots of character.

TEXTURE trend prints in limited edition, the coolest object of desire of his category.

Every year Brott makes two new seasonal collections that include the latest trends for summer and winter seasons.

Safety dog collars

Made by hand from Barcelona by hand crafted, taking care of every detail to the maximum and presented in a bag for storage and care when it is not in use.

All collections are made with first quality materials from fabrics and the finishng touch of ribbons, the high strength thread or the silky nylon until registered iron fittings of smelting polished aluminium. 

Furthermore greyhound collars have antiscape martingale system for a perfect fit and better security.

Stylish dog collars

Brott Barcelona manufactures all of its products. By hand. No hurry. Taking care of every detail.

Brott recovers and claims also handmade culture that moves away from industrialization to bet on people. Therefore, our team has extensive experience in traditional textile industry in our area. They add will and trade in each spike.

In the sewing workshop also is done the washing, drying and ironing of all textures. A ritual that tests the quality and strength of each material to ensure best results.

Only then it will get an exclusive and totally reliable product.



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