We are Marc Velasco and Marta Huguet, designers with their own studio and animal lovers. In 2010 we adopted our first greyhound, Nela.

Due to the need to buy a collar for Nela, we began to search, without success, in the nearest stores for a martingale collar for a greyhound. At that time, we only found very basic products on an aesthetic level or ostentatious and very expensive, without finding an accessory that went with our lifestyle.

Thanks to Marc's concern, we searched for the materials to create a necklace for Nela. And with the help of Marc's grandmother, a lifelong seamstress, we made the first one.

After the great success it had among friends, family and people on the street, we looked for all the suppliers to be able to make a professional quality product . We began to create the brand, fusing our vocation and profession with our passion for animals.

In 2012 we launched the online store and the first orders were distributed to various national stores.

After 10 years, with a team of 6 people, we continue to offer the best for them, a comfortable, designer accessory of the highest quality.

Brott's collections are characterized by the original selection of colors and prints in line with the latest fashion trends. Each accessory is made by hand in Barcelona in our atelier completely by hand with top quality materials. The result is a complement for the modern, comfortable and easy-to-wear dog.

Since then, we have dressed more than 25,000 #brottlovers and have helped more than 10 protectors thanks to our #weloveallthem solidarity project. You can find out about our solidarity actions here .


modern dog collars

Brott Barcelona brings the latest trends to the streets in the form of comfortable, high-quality and casual dog collars. Brott's collections are designed for modern dogs with owners who have good taste, taking into account that the designs mark a personality and show the character of dogs and owners. It represents for the canine accessories sector a breath of fresh air that modernizes the image of the dog (and that of its proud owner).

Brott has no color prejudices, solids, prints, minimalists, surely there is a color or pattern for you and your faithful friend.

MINIMIZE the elegance of satin black contrasted with colored stitching.

SOLID an explosion of color in the most current tones, with a lot of character.

TEXTURE limited edition trendy prints, the coolest object of desire in its category.

Brott makes two new seasonal collections each year that include the latest trends from the international catwalks for the spring-summer and autumn-winter seasons.


Safe collars for dogs

Handmade from Barcelona in an artisan way, taking care of all its details to the maximum and presented in a bag for storage and care while not in use.

All the collections are made with top quality materials, from the finishing fabrics and ribbons, the high-resistance thread or the silky-touch nylon to the patented polished cast aluminum fittings.

In addition, the martingale collars for greyhounds have the Martingale anti-escape system, for a perfect fit and better security.

Stylish dog collars

Brott manufactures all its products in Barcelona. By hand. No hurries. Taking care of every detail.

Brott recovers, and also vindicates, the handmade culture that moves away from industrialization to bet on people. For this reason, our team has extensive experience in the traditional textile sector of our area. In each upturn they add will and trade.

In the sewing workshop, the process of washing, drying and ironing all the fabrics is also carried out. A ritual that tests the quality and resistance of each material to guarantee its best result.

This is the only way to achieve an exclusive and totally trustworthy product.


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