At Brott Barcelona we believe that books help us grow. The objective of a good book is to make each of us live the situation it proposes to us. There are books of all kinds, each one is a new world and offers us a feeling or new perspective. Some help us understand the world around us and understand those we love, even if they are of another species, as is the case of the dog .

Here we leave you this selection of books so you can enjoy and live them!

5 dog books that we recommend from Brott

Loyalty Pact , Gonzalo Giner

loyalty pact

Zoe's life turns upside down when she crosses paths with Champion , an unbred dog who helps her overcome the problems that threaten her. Together with him, she embarks on a journey in search of her destiny: devotion to animals and freedom, whose path her father has shown her. Full of courage, Zoe will not only face the tests that her time imposes on her, but she will have to fight against herself when love finds her. A fast-paced novel that covers the most dramatic period of the last century: the Civil War and the rise of Nazism, and that narrates, for the first time, the role of dogs in armed conflicts . Spies, secret experiments to find a mythological war dog, betrayals, love... run through these pages that illustrate, through their protagonist, the unbreakable and ancestral pact of loyalty between dog and man.

You will find me at the end of the world , Nicolás Barreau

you will find me at the end of the world

The handsome Jean-Luc Champollion is the owner of an art gallery in Paris . Accustomed to being successful with women, his only ambition is to enjoy life in the company of beautiful ladies and Cézanne , his beloved Dalmatian dog . One day, Jean-Luc receives a mysterious love letter with no return address. Intrigued, he accepts the game that the stranger proposes to him and, without thinking twice, begins a delicious email correspondence with her.

The best stories about dogs , VVAA


I have known dogs that are evil and kind, stupid and smart, but I couldn't live without them. The Greeks said that a house is not a home if it does not have a swallow nesting under the eaves, and in my opinion a house is not a home if it does not have a dog. Gerald Durrell

"Perhaps dogs, whose devotion exceeds that of most lovers, are able to pick up the telepathic vibrations of their beloved owners who constantly think and worry about them." Jill Cooper

Whether or not the dog is man's best friend , according to an old saying, may still be unknown. What is known with certainty is that the relationships of dogs with men have inspired a vast literature. In this selection of short stories, which opens with the magnificent prologue by Gerald Durrell, we will meet writers of the stature of GK Chesterton, Hugh Walpole, Virginia Woolf, Rudyard Kipling, Jack London, etc., who tried to see what was really the link between such different beings. Each one offers us a different answer.

In the mind of a dog, Alexandra Horowitz

in the mind of a dog

What do dogs think? How do they relate to the world around them? How do they interact with humans? What do your senses tell you? The author of this book, a cognitive psychologist who has been working with animals for years, enters the mind of a dog and explains to us what it sees, smells, and feels. And the conclusions are in many cases surprising. Essential for dog lovers , but also for anyone interested in science, this fascinating essay explains why a dog feels the uncontrollable impulse to chase a cyclist, how it is able to smell not only food but also the sadness of humans and even the passage of time, how your hearing allows you to hear the vibration of insects flying or the hum of a fluorescent light. In short, how the world looks from the mind of a dog .

I thought you were dead, Pete Nelson

I left you for dead

Paul Gustavson is a disaster with a career full of obstacles in which he continually stumbles: he is divorced, his physical condition is deplorable and his health is poor. His father has suffered a stroke, he has an unstable relationship and problems of impotence... But Paul is not alone, he has Stella who listens to him and gives him her sincere and accurate opinion with comments full of reason. She is the voice of Paul's conscience, his north, his confessor. She is his partner, his advisor... she is his dog and the only one of this strange couple who has his feet on the ground. A charming book, in which you fall in love with the two characters and their relationship.

Have you read any? What do you think? We would like to know your opinion so that other readers can evaluate which book to choose. And if you know of any other dog books of interest, don't be afraid to write to us and we will share it!

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