Today we dedicate this post to Jimmy , a beautiful bull terrier , and his human Rafael Mantesso (Brazilian publicist), because we love this relationship!


It all started when Rafael got divorced. The furniture in the house left white spaces full of creativity and his faithful adventure companion inspired him to take photographs of him interacting with drawings of all kinds on the walls.




His vocation as a publicist soon left its mark since his imagination has no limits and Jimmy seems to enjoy it as much as he does because he is a great model. They have an Instagram account with more than 146,000 followers and they upload non-stop!




We love that your passion for creativity and your pet has come together and has this fun result. Our beautiful beasts, Nela & Brot , two adopted greyhounds , are also a constant source of inspiration , now we don't know what we would do without them!

Have a good Wednesday dog ​​lovers!