The hottest days have already arrived, especially with the heat waves we are experiencing. We humans are looking forward to these days to enjoy the pool or the beach, but we must also keep in mind that our dog friends may react differently to the heat.

For this reason, today we want to share with you a series of tips that will help us take care of our four-legged friends during the summer.

First! Remember the 5 second rule

The ground on the street can be very hot, especially if it has been exposed to the hottest hours, so you should be aware that our dogs' pads can crack or burn if they walk on this very hot ground.

To avoid this you can apply the 5 second rule:

👉 If you place the back of your hand on the ground and you can't hold it for 5 seconds, it is because it is too hot and could burn you.

Can my dog ​​get heat stroke?

Well the answer is yes! One of the dangers during the summer is the well-known heat stroke that can not only happen to us humans, but can also happen to our furry companions.

Heat stroke is a reaction that occurs when body temperature rises very suddenly and the body is not able to compensate. This produces symptoms such as dizziness, nausea or vomiting, which dogs can also present in the form of excessive panting and rapid breathing. It is also possible that you stagger and may have seizures, lose consciousness, as well as diarrhea and vomiting.

7 tips to provide the best care for your dog during the summer

The best walks in the cold

Take your dog for walks early in the morning and in the evening to avoid the hottest hours and exposure to the sun. Walk at an easy pace in the shade, take breaks and always carry a bottle of water.

Always keep it hydrated

Our faithful friend must always have fresh, clean water available 24 hours a day. Above all, you must check and avoid that the waterer is not in full sun and that there is always enough water.

You can also place more water bowls at home, especially near where he or she rests. As we have mentioned before, water is important not only at home, but also when you go out for walks, so we recommend that you always carry a water bottle and a portable water fountain.

Protect it from the sun

It is essential that our furry friend has spaces free of sun and heat to be able to relax and rest. For this reason, one of the actions you should take into account when summer arrives is to cool off a part of the house, and don't forget to put your roll-bed on the floor so that it is more comfortable!

Brush him often

Frequent brushing is highly advisable to promote shedding and to be able to remove the finer and woollier hair that serves to provide warmth in winter. We recommend that you do not shave it, since contrary to what we believe, the layers of hair help protect our dog from sunburn and overheating. It will be even hotter if it is left without its natural fur.

Check daily for fleas and ticks.

We must keep in mind that warm weather is a paradise for ticks and fleas, so it is necessary to check our dog daily and change his bedding frequently.

Distribute your food doses

On the hottest days it is preferable that our unconditional friend does not eat large amounts of food at once, but rather it is better to distribute his meals throughout the day, avoiding the hottest hours.

Homemade ice cream for everyone!

When the temperatures rise we all enjoy a delicious and cool ice cream and our four-legged friends can do it too. Ice cream for dogs thus becomes a quick and tasty way to cool down our dog thanks to a preparation that you can make with ingredients such as natural yogurt, frozen beef or chicken broth or also using normal water cubes. Easy and different solutions to refresh them too.

At Brott we hope that these 7 tips will help you to spend a fantastic summer with your dog family! ❤