These are difficult days for everyone, nature is leading us to slow down and live from another perspective. Calmly, being strong and responsible , we will be able to stop this pandemic as soon as possible. At Brott we want to help you by giving you ideas for staying at home with your dog. Surely you already have a list of pending tasks to organize your weeks, also think about him/her and take advantage of part of the time to dedicate time to your dog.

Tips to know how to entertain your dog at home

Give your dog a massage

Surely you know how relaxing it is, because they relax too and it's great for them! You will help you relax your muscles, increase flexibility and improve your health and comfort. Ortocanis explains how to give your dog a good massage.

Learn about canine behavior

It is very important to share our lives with happy dogs and Pat, with her courses, teaches us, humans, to understand the signals our dog gives and to know how to act in each situation. Don't miss Pat Educadora Canina 's Instagram where she shares very helpful information 🙏

Read some canine novel

Adopt me

“Adopt Me” by Jaime Vidal and Eli Hinojosa

A bedside book for anyone thinking about adopting a dog or who has already adopted one. Jaime Vidal and Eli Hinojosa give us simple advice on how to help a dog that comes from an association or shelter adapt perfectly to its new family. You can find it here.

Tough dogs don't dance

“Tough dogs don't dance” by Arturo Pérez Reverte

Arturo Pérez Reverte never leaves the dogs behind and in this, his latest work, it was not going to be any less. A detective novel, a story of survival in a world where loyalty is pure instinct. You can start reading it now.

Take care of Brott collars

When you see that the collar or leash is not as impeccable as the first day, you can safely wash it as follows:

We recommend hand washing with cold water and liquid detergent, but if the fabric is not special, you can wash it in the washing machine. It will be great if you let it soak for 10-15 minutes so that the dirt can be removed more easily. It is important to know that the amount of detergent should be moderate as it could cause stains on clothing. Furthermore, bleach is declared the enemy of your necklaces if you want to maintain their bright fabrics and colors. We do not recommend using an industrial or domestic dryer, nor using an iron. And above all, it is very important that you do not let it dry directly in the sun so that it does not lose its color.

If you have questions, write to us, we are on the other side to help you!

Prepare a homemade dog recipe

This blog gives us countless ideas to delight your palate. But remember, if you are considering making a change in your diet, always do it under the supervision of a professional. Look for a recipe to cook with love.

Prepare a shower or bath for your faithful friend

How to wash your dog correctly?

This way you won't be able to stop petting him. With our range of soaps and conditioner you will see that it will be clean and shiny. Read our tips here.

Take a very animal photo

Surely you will find a moment where it is comfortable, there is good natural light, and it is always better without a flash! Arm yourself with patience and canine treats to reward him at every moment. And finally, get down to their level and focus on their eyes to have greater clarity in their gaze.

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Do you already have your music list on Spotify?

Listen to the music you both like and find out what their favorite song is.

Click here to find out!

Take a nap next to him! Feel your heart, this always calms the soul.

Calm down ❤ Everything will pass