Ready for an explosion of colors, stripes and Mediterranean prints? The new SS18 collection of Brott dog collars is going strong! Where vibrant colors and beautiful prints are the protagonists. The prints are inspired by Mediterranean culture and designed to seduce all styles.

Starting with the Textura Aiguaviva , the classic of the classics. The print of more than three centuries of life once again invades our clothes and your dog's wardrobe, as it is proclaimed a trend for this season. There are many types of moles, we opt for the most Mediterranean ones, remembering the sea.


We continue with a clear #musthave that has it all. The Sagaro Texture , its lavender and pink diagonal stripes make it irresistible! If stripes have been the protagonists on all the catwalks, your dog will not be left without his outfit, so he will also be able to walk in style through the streets of the city with this dog collar and leash from Brott . Do you like it? We love!


We can't wait any longer to show you one of the top ones. We find it in each and every shop window, because pleating is in fashion! And of course, in dog fashion it also had to be present, and what's more, in such a bright fuchsia tone that it awakens the desire for spring! The Gandesa Texture is a dog collar with a special fabric, we recommend that it be taken care of with great care.


But if you prefer more casual prints, the Fornells Texture dog collar and leash is designed for you. As you have already seen in the Sagaro Texture , this year the stripes are very present, and they go far beyond the classic sailor ones. Multicolor striped, with pastel tones, and different textures. This dog outfit will be unmistakable when you wear it on the streets this summer.


What if you are more into abstract prints? Well, the Ebre Texture is ideal! One of the unstoppable trends this and every spring is flowers. Whether roses, gardenias, carnations, tulips and more, this year they are combined with other plant-inspired figures with tropical airs. The Textura Ebre dog collar and leash has everything for your dog to spread flowers and more flowers around the city!


Another style that makes you fall in love is boho , a trend that has always been alive. This time, reinvented with orange, pink and blue tones. The Batea Texture vibrates freedom and joy on its own. Nothing else is needed to make your faithful friend look this attractive!


There are eleven new models from Brott 's Bella Vita collection, but specifically three, they go together. Both are elegant and sophisticated like Italy's Amalfi Coast.

The first is the Menorca Texture dog collar, the pinstripe has become boring in the office and street style takes it out for a walk. With a more relaxed style, and a shiny and golden touch, so that your dog can wear it like no one else and everyone will turn their heads when passing by.


The second model is the Textura Ciutadella , it is special, it has everything! Its ultra trendy yellow tone, combined with a touch of gold, which makes it explosive, and its casual, but above all summery stripes, produce that real summer feeling.


And the third, the brightest of all, is the Textura Mallorca dog collar. One of the winter trends renews its reign with metallic fabrics. We choose gold for its vitality and freshness. Your dog will shine walking with this print!


Now, geometry lovers, pay attention, because there is a model that takes the cake. If we add the striped prints, the African tribal motifs and add the pop-art taste of the sixties, we get the perfect look for your dog this summer with the Pear Texture ! Isn't it #brottal ?

collar-for-large-dog-brott-pear texture

And finally, returning to the stripes, there is a version with a classic touch for the most elegant. The Beleser Texture is pure French flavor, Oh là là! C'est incroyable! The Mediterranean sea breeze mixes with the sun's rays to escape the city and this design is born with French tones and style.

In case you haven't noticed the news yet, if you prefer to walk your dog with a harness , very soon you will be able to buy it at in most Texture prints!


What do you think of the new SS18 Bella Vita collection ? Is there any undisputed model that you have fallen in love with? Tell us which one you like best in the comments, we'd love to know!