The Brott Barcelona dog harnesses are here!

Your wishes have been granted! After listening to all the requests, we have made it a reality. You no longer have an excuse for your dog to be fashionable with his Brott harness . There are more than 35 models from the Textura collection available on the web , so you can choose the one you like the most and he will walk around with his harness leaving more than one person surprised.

Walks with your dog are a very special and unique moment between you. They can be long or short, full of adventures and new friends every day, but what is important is your well-being and comfort. And the breastplate harness does it! It is a system similar to the harness, however, this design covers the animal's chest and closes behind the shoulders. It is very comfortable to put on, adjust and remove thanks to its closure system.


Why use a dog harness?

If you have often thought that it would be amazing with your Brott , but the collar does not suit your needs, now it is possible with the dog harness . We love to see all the dressed dogs walking happily, that's why we have decided to make a harness for all those furry dogs who are not completely comfortable wearing a collar .

If you identify with any of the following reasons, it is possible that the harness is perfect for your faithful friend.

Either because he is hopelessly curious and always wants to have the initiative to go ahead by pulling more than necessary. And the collar, in these cases, can cause pressure that the harness would not. In extreme cases, you could suffer pain, some type of bruise and/or contractures in the cervical area.

Or, it is a small dog, and you prefer it for greater comfort during your walks.

And finally, there are different types of dogs that, due to their anatomy, can sometimes present breathing difficulties. In that case, we always recommend that you first seek advice from a veterinary expert so that he can indicate which is the best option.


We are in favor of always acting after knowing the opinion of an ethologist or veterinarian, before deciding on our own about the well-being of Brot & Nela . And we would like to pass this information on as advice to you too.

How to choose the best harness for your dog?

Regarding the size guide , it is very easy, as with the necklaces. In each harness on the website you will find the measurements, but we also tell you through the blog what is the best way to know what size is ideal for your faithful friend. If you have a sewing measuring tape on hand, it will work very well for you to measure the circumference of his chest behind his front legs. Depending on your measurement, you will clearly see which size best suits your body.

  • Size S - Adjustable chest length 35 to 50cm (1.5cm wide tape)
  • Size M - Adjustable chest length 40 to 60cm (2cm wide tape)
  • Size L - Adjustable chest length 60 to 80cm (2.5cm wide tape)
  • Size XL - Adjustable chest length 65 to 100cm (2.5cm wide tape)


Discover our dog harness designs that we have at Brott

Now, we have to tell you something, and that is that every time we see a dog with his Brott walking with his human, whether with a harness or a collar, it is incredible how they both look. We feel very proud to know that every day there are more #brottlovers enjoying the streets of their city, it even seems that the walk tastes better for them!

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