Help us vaccinate and sterilize at least 450 dogs/cats and educate the community, and you can wear a little piece of this country in the form of a collar or walking outfit. The fabrics chosen for this solidarity collection, from Zambia, reflect the magic and love for humanity. Thanks to your solidarity, the 5 unique African prints will walk through our streets with a large dose of gratitude.

Brott , The Dziko Project and illustrator Bettina Brotons with this charity collection we want to raise at least $10,000 to purchase vaccines, surgical supplies, anesthetic medications, antibiotics, pain control medications, wound management and other animal treatments necessary to bring carry out this important saving work. Not only making a difference in the lives of the animals, but also in the community in decreasing the spread and disease of rabies.


Our relationship begins, as many times, by chance. They in Chingola, Zambia, and we in Barcelona.

We admire the work of millions of traveling, nomadic, free-spirited people with huge hearts traveling around the world helping people and animals. We connected with their profile on Instagram , because they have beautiful photographs that transport anyone to these wonderful places, which they step on and we can only see through the screen. We assume that you, at some point, have also had this feeling.

Without knowing them, we began to be interested in their work and worried about their rescues, spending thousands of kilometers in the car to save a dog. Sara and Rosie did know us, their dogs wear Brott collars from a long time ago and we connected right away.


Your help is rewarded!

As you already know, our WE LOVE ALL THEM project was born out of gratitude towards animal associations helping thousands of abandoned dogs find families.

Thanks to the adoption of our first greyhound Nela in Seproan Sallent, Brott was born, the original brand that #doglovers have fallen in love with since 2010. And from the beginning we did not hesitate to donate 5% of the annual profits to a protective association , here you can find out the first action. In 2018 we donated to Galgoleku , we will explain how it happened in another post.

Talking to them opened our eyes to a world unknown to many of us, and without thinking about it we began to work on a much more ambitious solidarity collection. Click here , your help is rewarded!

Rabies is present on all continents, including Zambia and its rural areas as one of the world's hotspots. In up to 99% of cases, dogs are responsible for transmitting the virus to humans, causing more than 95% of deaths in Africa. The cost of having been exposed to rabies is very high (about $40 USD per person, when the average daily salary is about US$ 1-2 per person). The most effective way to control this virus is through dogs and their vaccination, since it is ten times cheaper, protects the entire community and incorporates the well-being of the animals.


There are few organizations working on this issue due to their lack of funds and resources and therefore there are many areas of Zambia where animal welfare has not been worked on before. This is where Sara and Rosie with The Dziko Project, help by bringing animal welfare and making a difference to the community in parts of Zambia for the first time.

The way Zambia tries to eliminate rabies and control the population is with a mass cull of all stray dogs and unregistered dogs, especially in rural areas. Across the country, tens of thousands of puppies are born each year and unfortunately live very short lives due to abuse, illness, injury, and especially starvation. Females continue to get pregnant (as they are not spayed) and, sadly, continue to lose their litters as mothers generally do not produce enough milk due to malnutrition. This horrible situation keeps repeating itself over and over again.

As soon as we learned the harsh reality, we proposed to start a project to raise funds and sponsor a mass sterilization and vaccination campaign, along with an education program aimed not only at pet owners, but at the entire community, in Chingola and the districts. surrounding rural areas of northern Zambia, both for the first time.


We spent months working hard to prepare all the documentation and find an organization that could help. Ultimately Kitwe Animal Welfare Society (KAWS) and its local veterinarians will be responsible for reaching and treating as many dogs and animals as possible.

The campaign will provide FREE sterilizations to both males and females, rabies vaccines, 5 in 1 (provides protection against canine distemper, canine infectious hepatitis, canine adenovirus type 1 and 2, canine parainfluenza and canine parvovirus), health check, management of wounds, registration with the council, and equally important, education on responsible pet care and rabies prevention.

With your help, we can achieve this ambitious and incredible goal! Donate now

Thank you very much for your gesture, share it with your family or friends to make a difference! #helpzambiandogs

We are here for any questions.