Brott martingale whippet collar

As you already know, it all started with the need to look for a fashionable accessory for Nela and Brot, fleeing from the classic and conventional models on the market. Greyhounds , due to their anatomical characteristics, need collars with the anti-escape system called martingale . This collar adjusts to the size of the dog's neck if it pulls, making it the safest without damaging its neck.

Martingale collars for Whippet and Piccolo Greyhounds

However, they are not the only breed that uses this system, whippets and piccolo greyhounds are also clients of this type of martingale collars . These, due to their smaller dimensions, have more difficulty finding martingale collars that fit them since they require a more special design adapted to the size of their neck, which is not as long as that of greyhounds .

The Whippet is a tall dog, but medium in size and very light in weight. In this sense, it is a stylized, elegant and agile breed. The legs are long and thin; He has a deep chest and the difference with the narrow belly is very evident. In general terms, it has the usual appearance of a sighthound breed.

The Piccolo greyhound is the smallest of the sighthound family, its weight usually ranges between 6 and 8 kilos. The greyhound piccolo sighthound has a physical appearance identical to the greyhound: shrunken abdomen, long, thin legs, long neck, and small, pointed head.

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