The color black is associated with silence, infinity and can mean protection or mystery at the same time. This color in Western fashion is considered an elegant style . Black is a key color in our wardrobe, especially because of the amount of possibilities it gives us. This means that if we have the right clothes in this color, we can create countless looks with them. Christian Dior said well that it can be used all the time, at any age and on almost any occasion.



The new Brott MINIM black dog collar combines perfectly with the Ravella bag in black from the Bolsarium brand. This brand was born in Barcelona as a response to many customers who demanded a change in the design and way of transporting their electronic devices and accessories. Bolsarium 's inspiration comes from the Barcelona lifestyle and the vibrant colors that nature provides.

Combine all the possibilities that Bolsarium offers with our collection of Brott SOLID dog collars!