Brott Natural Dog Care was born to satisfy the hygienic needs of our four-legged friends, always using high-quality and scientifically approved raw materials to obtain the best results on the dog's hair.

It is true that not all dogs enjoy water the same way, even for some it is a bad experience, however it is a really important activity and we will have to do it as best as we can since it is key to keeping the dog's hair in perfect condition. dog. Therefore, we hope that with these tips, dog hygiene will be more relaxed.


First of all, we have to remember that dogs and humans are different, which is why your dog cannot use the family shampoo for his bath. Dog skin has a pH close to 7.5, human skin barely reaches 5.5, and this difference is too great to be able to use the same products for canine hygiene.

The shine, color and quality of the coat will depend on the breed, the pet's own genetics, nutrition, health and the bath or aesthetic care you give it. The coat of its hair reveals its internal health and is the first indication to know if a dog is in good condition. So be very attentive when you detect any change in its coat and go to a veterinarian.

Brott Natural Dog Care offers a variety of three products intended for dog grooming. The format presented is 237ml and its balanced pH, 6.5, is designed so that your skin does not become irritated or injured, apart from taking into account the hands of the person who cleans it so that they are not very resentful. In addition, the system with a dispenser is very convenient for you since it will prevent you from unscrewing or losing the cap.


All Dogs is the ideal shampoo for all types of dogs , suitable for sensitive skin as it softens dry skin. Thanks to the natural properties of aloe vera and camamilla, it deeply nourishes and hydrates, providing a relaxing action on the animal's dermis.


On the other hand, Greyhound is the specific shampoo for sighthounds or short-haired dogs . It is composed of oats and rosehip, thus its neutral formula provides excellent nutrition to the greyhound's short hair and also provides exceptional shine.

These two shampoos are very easy to use. First, dampen the surface of the coat with warm water to remove surface dirt. Next, apply the shampoo generously and gently massage it all over your body to give you your best bathing experience. Afterwards, rinse it well with warm water to remove all soap residue.


And to obtain a perfect result, the Conditioner facilitates the softness and natural shine of their coat, also acting as a detangler on long coats . It is suitable for all types of dogs and is formulated with natural extracts that allow greater care of hair fibers and long-lasting nutrition, obtaining a very silky texture on their skin.

Applying it is very easy. After rinsing, put it on the wet surface of the coat, massage it gently all over its body, and for a better finish, leave it on for 3 to 5 minutes during the massage. Then rinse it well with warm water. And if you want it to have very soft hair, repeat the process for a perfect result. Finally, gently dry his fur with a towel.

If your dog has very stubborn knots, it is better to brush him before bathing him. Also, if the water is warm, you will feel more comfortable. Don't you like to get a back massage from time to time? Well, they love it when you pet them, so if you apply the shampoo by massaging their body, they will be more comfortable. It also helps to place a rubber mat at the bottom of the bathtub or shower, this way you will avoid skidding and make it calmer.


Take your dog's favorite rubber toy and put it next to him, this will help calm him down. If it becomes a game time he will feel better. In addition, we assume that your pet loves to eat his cookies so if there are any, the fear of water will take a backseat.

Once it is very clean and without a trace of soap, we advise you to dry it gently with a towel and to eliminate any trace of moisture with the dryer, even if it is at low power, this process is very important for its coat to be healthy. And finally, stress-free caresses and brushing, in the position that feels best so that you can relax and calm down.

So, do you dare to give him a bath with Natural Dog Care dog shampoos? Find the one that best suits your hair here!