Mens sana in corpore sana is the most important thing now that the good weather is approaching and spring is just around the corner, or at least that is what we want around here.

There are several options to get in shape and get back on track, you can go to the gym or enjoy the outdoors, but if the second is the one you like the most... what better than going with someone to stretch your legs! Many studies confirm that having a pet benefits the physical and mental level and this is also related to exercise. These studies show that dog owners are more active since they have someone accompanying them and this is a factor that motivates and predisposes them more when it comes to exercising.


For this reason, and because we are passionate about running and healthy living, we present the limited edition Textura Run to promote the sport with your faithful companion. Always innovating in the canine sector, and with this model bringing the most sporty fashion trends to the streets of your city. The vibrant and electric colors of the dog collars will be the subject of all eyes while you and your pet get in shape.


The galactic print transmits vitality and geometry, and produces that movement in tune with the physical activity you want to do. In addition, it combines perfectly with the Solid pink and electric colors of the multi-position dog leash , allowing maximum comfort and breaking the mold by wearing a very casual look.


If you share everything with your dog, why not share that moment that he likes so much and that helps you burn calories? Also, if you are one of those who like to set style, what better than for your colleague to also be fashionable and match your sportswear!

And comfort and style are no longer incompatible because the multi-position or training strap is perfect for having that feeling of freedom that we like so much when we have our hands free. We advise avoiding extendable leashes because it is not about letting him run free and wild, and greeting the first friend who passes by, but about letting him go by our side without making us fall and at our own pace. It is proven that, if done constantly, physical and mental synchronization is achieved, generating very strong bonds with our outing partner.


Because there is nothing better than leading a healthy life, Brott Barcelona joins in dressing your pet in a sporty chic style in a casual but always fashionable way. Enter here to discover the model that best matches your new tights!

And if you want more information on how to train your dog correctly, you can visit our friends at Kanstak dog education and they will explain how to make your dog happy!