Because we want to start the year off strong. Why we are inspired . Because we like design and modernity . Because we like trends and style . Because we want originality and authenticity , because hard work pays off and it is always worth fighting for your dreams. Because many trust Brott and make our project grow more every day. Because we are very grateful for the words you dedicate to us. That is why we are especially excited that your faithful four-legged friends are our best protagonists.


Every day we receive photos of your pets with their Brott collar but we have not seen them all yet, just as new loyal clients join, we want you to share them with us as we will be delighted to see how beautiful they are. It's so simple that it only takes 2 steps: 1. Take a cool photo, 2. Send it to us at . And soon your animals will officially be Brott boys and girls .

Keep calm and be trendy