Trends in the fashion sector come and go but only some remain each season. It must be for a reason... they have something to make them always work. Brott 's designs also seek this timeless style factor. Each dog collar features colors and textures that follow the latest trends but personalize them with an elegant touch that continues to please even as time passes.

This fall-winter season we have been in luck because one of the classic prints that we like the most has re-emerged with force: British or tartan checks. A lifelong motif that has arrived with renewed nuances from the hand of Hedi Slimane , creative of Yves Saint Laurent . On the last catwalk in Paris, Slimane presented a collection that revisits 90s grunge and Kurt Cobain 's flannel shirts to give a rebellious touch to the most conservative paintings.


From that moment on, and as usual, low-cost brands led by the giant Inditex have quickly taken over the trend in their collections.


And fashion bloggers have given a good example of how to take the trend to the streets.


Brott 's FW13 collection has also adapted the paintings, turning, why not?, the pet collar into another fashion accessory.


An idea that has been very well received by different bloggers and influencers/trendstters who have already become Brott-fans.


This support from the sector makes us especially excited because it confirms that the connection between Brott and fashion trends has a very promising future. What will be the next example? We'll tell you... because we are working on the new spring-summer collection : filtering trends , choosing new colors and prints ... where will the necklaces go?:) Stay tuned! We will continue to inform.