Our four-legged friends have become a fundamental part of our lives and more members of the family, so we can decide to have a birthday party for dogs as a celebration of all the years we spent together.

Today we will explain everything you need to know to organize an incredible birthday party for your dog, but we already told you that the most important thing is that you choose the right place, the theme you want and prepare the food (and drink) that you want to serve for Start celebrating the birthday party of your dog and his guests, both humans and other species. 


Choose the right place to celebrate the party

What is always recommended when organizing birthday parties for dogs is to do them in a spacious place and if it is outdoors, better, such as the garden of a house or in a park. Places that will allow them to run, play and move freely.

What you also have to keep in mind is that the location of the place you choose to celebrate the canine birthday party will depend on several factors such as the time of year, the size of your dog and the size of the guests who are going to attend, or the number of attendees that there will be in total.

Prepare the food and birthday cake

Before preparing the food, you must take into account the 2 types of attendees who will attend the birthday party. On the one hand, your dog's dog friends should eat foods that are suitable for their body, such as snacks or cakes specially made for them and that contain foods that are nutritious and healthy.

As for drinking, dogs should always have water within reach, which is cooler if the temperatures are high. This way you will prevent them from becoming dehydrated or suffering from heat stroke.

As there are more and more dog birthday parties being held, there are also more companies that are now offering the manufacture of canine birthday cakes. You should always keep in mind that the birthday cake must have ingredients suitable for dogs and avoid ingredients that are toxic to them, such as chocolate.

Since human family members will also attend, think about choosing something to offer them as well, it's not a question of them feeling isolated either 😉

Find fun games and activities to do

The idea is for your dog and his friends to have fun, so you can organize fun activities such as a piñata with toys for the furry ones, a parade to choose who wears the best walking outfit, match your human's style or have a ball pit for everyone to have a good time.

If you celebrate the party in the garden you can organize a simple agility circuit with a tunnel and small heights to overcome. If you have a pool, a “soak” summer party will become an unparalleled event.

🎁 Ideas to give your dog for his birthday

It may be one of the most important aspects when organizing the birthday party, since you cannot miss an original and surprising birthday gift for your faithful companion.

At Brott Barcelona we want to help you surprise them on their special day with a unique, practical and incredible gift.

Give a matching collar and leash

At Brott Barcelona we handcraft exclusive designs with incredible prints in dog collars in our atelier that you can combine with a matching leash. The dog collars are made by hand with high quality nylon ribbon, very resistant and pleasant to the touch.

With a Brott collar you will make your furry friend the center of attention on your walks.

Roll Bed

What better gift than a portable bed so that your dog friend can rest comfortably when you go on a getaway. The Roll Bed that we have at Brott Barcelona will make you quickly forget about those blankets that are so uncomfortable to transport thanks to the fact that the Roll Bed is light, practical and super comfortable to move thanks to its handle for carrying it and with snap-click closures with which you can close and open quickly.

Dog Manifesto Print by Brott Barcelona

And why not give him something that you both like? With the decorative sheets designed at Brott Barcelona you can decorate your favorite corner of the house with the most unique and original dog manifesto that exists. Without a doubt, an incredible gift to decorate your home, but also for your faithful companion to reveal himself and explain to you everything he feels and loves you.

At Brott we hope that these tips inspire you so that you can organize an original and very fun birthday party for your dog. ❤