The decision to adopt a greyhound responsibly, that is, assuming all the responsibilities involved in having an animal at home is a special, unforgettable and highly recommended experience.

Greyhounds are docile animals, very affectionate and perfect for sharing life with them and in this post we want to show you a series of tips that will help you when adopting a greyhound and thus increasing your family. 


The peculiarities of the greyhound breed

Most of the greyhounds taken in and looking for a home have been abandoned or saved in extremis. The use of their physical qualities in sports practices such as hunting or racing are unfortunately, in many cases, linked to abuse and intolerable treatment by breeders and hunters.

Adopted greyhounds are exceptional beings and there are many organizations and animal shelters that focus their efforts on offering them a second chance through adoption.

The greyhound by nature is a noble and good-natured dog. Although at first they may tend to be somewhat distrustful and shy, especially in those cases that have had previous bad experiences, because many of them arrive traumatized by abandonment, the treatment they previously received or a lack of socialization. But all these problems are usually overcome simply with a little patience, time and love on our part.


Tips when adopting a greyhound

At Brott Barcelona we want to give you some advice so that your new friend is as good as possible in his or her new home.

#1. Greyhounds sleep a lot

Greyhounds tend to relax and conserve energy for when an explosive race is needed. When they are at home they may spend a lot of time sleeping or simply lying down. We could say that they have a certain cat-like tendency to sleep as many hours as possible.

In addition, greyhounds love sofas and spending time there in the company of their new family. We recommend that your new friend has his own space to rest and be at his leisure whenever he needs it. Their ideal bed would be a soft and warm one, since they are dogs with thin skin and little hair, so they have little resistance to the cold.

#2. The daily exercise of a greyhound

Greyhounds are fast and, although they enjoy running in open spaces, they are not considered an active breed that needs to run at all times. In fact, three 20-minute walks a day are usually enough to stay in shape. It must also be taken into account that age plays a role and young people need more activity than older dogs, as with all dogs.

#3. Taking a greyhound for a walk

Keep in mind that the greyhound is a powerful animal with a quick reaction, if it runs away scared, recovering it can be a difficult task. Even if they are restrained, they should not be overconfident either, and although they normally do not pull, they should always have a collar with a martingale system and a 3-point harness during walks that allow them to have maximum support during walks.

Brott greyhound collars use the anti-escape martingale system. A safe collar against possible escapes that adapts to the dog's neck so that, if it tries to escape, it cannot stick its head out. A collar system that seeks to always preserve the well-being and health of our greyhounds.

#4. The greyhound must be protected from the cold

The greyhound is one of the dogs considered cold because they have little fat and short hair. For this reason, it is more than advisable to put a coat on them when you go out for a walk in case of cold and bad weather.

At Brott Barcelona we have several models of coats for greyhounds and a specific winter coat design that has an outer fabric with a pleasant touch and water repellent that will allow them, thanks to a comfortable and warm inner lining, to take incredible walks also during winter days.

#5. The character of greyhounds

The greyhound is a very sociable and affectionate breed of dog, ideal for living with children, but in some cases where the animal has suffered abuse or abandonment it can affect its character. It must be taken into account that fear is a manifestation of these terrible experiences and it is necessary that there be a period of adaptation to their new home. In the foster homes they see the evolution of each greyhound and try to find the most appropriate adoption for each case.

At Brott we hope that these tips will help you when it comes to increasing your family by adopting a greyhound ❤ Keep in mind that they are addictive!