Although the trend is changing, there are still many people who tend to underestimate their pet's rest even when they are away from home. Today we explain in our Brott Barcelona Blog everything you need to know to provide your faithful companion with the rest he needs.


Why is it important to provide our dog with a good rest?

Like us, rest is very important for our dogs, surely, if you do not rest enough, this completely influences your mood and energy the next day, so by respecting their rest we are ensuring their good mood, their peace of mind. , energy, health and many other things that will help us have a balanced and relaxed dog.

As a general rule, depending on its characteristics and daily routine, an adult dog sleeps about 13 hours a day, divided into 8-9 hours at night and lighter breaks during the day, because we already know that they always have their ears ready for any sound...

We must keep in mind that a dog that sleeps well becomes a dog that is calm, healthy, balanced and in good spirits.

How to provide the best rest to our dog even outside the home?

At Brott Barcelona we know that our faithful friends also need not only their rest area at home, but also different accessories to provide them with the greatest comfort no matter where we are.

Both we and our 4-legged friends have a great time when we go on a getaway and thanks to the foldable and portable ROLL BED blankets from Brott Barcelona, ​​neither the destination nor the place will matter, since whether it is an excursion to the mountains, a day in the park or on the beach, or having a drink at a #dogfriendly bar, our furry friend will be able to rest and take a nap on a comfortable blanket that we can take everywhere in an easy and simple way.

ROLL BED portable dog bed by Brott Barcelona

The ROLL BED dog beds from Brott Barcelona are characterized by being portable rest blankets that will become an essential accessory on all your getaways.

The ROLL BED portable and roll-up dog beds are made with a lightweight, waterproof, practical and easy-to-carry design, ideal for taking on all types of trips and ensuring that your dog rests comfortably. A blanket specially designed to provide maximum comfort and with which we can forget about those towels that are so uncomfortable to carry.

The ROLL BED from Brott Barcelona are designed with a light material that has a handle for carrying it and click closures that will allow you to fold it easily and quickly. It will thus become the perfect ally to put in the car, on the sofa or when you go to a restaurant, a bar or to friends and family's house so that our dog friend knows where he can lie down, rest and be calm.

Unique and practical designs of dog beds that you can find in different sizes and made by hand while respecting the environment, since the interior of these dog bed models is filled with 100% recycled fiber from PET bottles. It thus becomes an ideal portable bed for small, medium or large dogs, since everyone will enjoy a pleasant rest in our handmade dog bed models.

At Brott we hope that these tips will help you when it comes to providing the best rest to your faithful friend also during your adventures away from home together ❤