Those of us who have or have had a dog know that its presence can make us tremendously happy. There are many benefits to our own health that caring for and loving our dogs offers and there are many ways that having a dog at home can improve your life.

Today in our Brott Barcelona blog we review the incredible benefits that having a dog as a faithful companion will bring you. 


Dogs understand human emotions

Dogs are great companions because they make themselves loved and because they treat us in a particular way, without judging us. We know that dogs return the love given to them tenfold and, in turn, they can also take care of us.

Our dogs are capable of reacting to the different tones of voice, sounds and ways of acting of each person. That is to say, if you are going through a bad time, your dog will notice it, in the same way if you start screaming with joy, your faithful companion will react to you by jumping and wagging his tail.

But before running out to adopt a dog, it is important to keep in mind that it is a lifelong commitment, because your dog will depend on you for many years, so you must value it and be sure that you have the time and money. type of life that allows you to have a dog.

What are the benefits of having a dog at home?

There are many benefits that having a dog brings, both on a psychological level and in many other important aspects of your well-being and health such as:

  1. Helps you stay in shape

Enjoying great walks with them helps us lead a healthy lifestyle because they need to leave the house to relieve themselves several times a day. Accompanying them on these walks also benefits us, since walking is an excellent aerobic exercise.

  1. Helps you have less anxiety

Living with a four-legged furry friend helps us reduce anxiety levels because they keep our minds busy, give us affection and force us to leave the house.

  1. They are the great friends of children

Dogs also provide important benefits to the little ones in the house, as they will teach them to be responsible, to know what love and affection are, in addition to promoting empathy.

  1. A more active social life

Not only does it help us stay in shape, but going for a walk with your dog becomes a great opportunity to meet new people. Because our furry friends love to play in the park and that forces us humans to interact with each other.

  1. Always positive

Even if you come home late from work and exhausted, your dog will always greet you with kisses because he knows you will take him for a walk. Four-legged friends always keep us positive, as they are great generators of happiness.

But our dogs also need care

Although your company provides us with a multitude of benefits, at Brott Barcelona we know that our faithful companions also need accessories and care to guarantee their maximum well-being.

#1. Original dog collar

At Brott we provide the highest quality to offer our unconditional friends the best collars so that both they and their humans are safe and protected during their walks .

The closure of the dog collar that we use at Brott is of high quality, made of cast and polished aluminum that has a very resistant security system. Ideal for living adventures during your walks.

#2. Dog hygiene products

At Brott we know that dog hygiene is a matter of vital importance, since it is directly related to their health and their protection against diseases and infections. For this reason, our line of Brott Natural Dog Care shampoos and conditioners is ideal to satisfy all the hygiene needs of our dog friends. They are made using high quality raw materials with which you can obtain the best results in your coat.

#3. Dog coats

So that the cold or the rain doesn't stop you! Comfortable and warm dog coats made of waterproof fabric with a soft and resistant exterior that you can adjust in different positions on the front and belly. In addition, Brott's coat designs have open collars that allow them to be turned up to reveal the internal print and to mark a unique and original coat style.

At Brott we hope that you always share many adventures with your faithful friend ❤