The cold has already arrived and if we have already taken our coats out of the closet, we should also take into account that our faithful companions may need a warm garment, especially for the coldest days.

Although many people may think that it is an unnecessary item of clothing for the animal, our dog friends also need a series of extra care when this time of year arrives.

Today in our Brott Barcelona post we explain everything you need to know about dog coats. 


Are dogs cold?

Let's start at the beginning and answer this question with a YES.

We must know that dogs have the same temperature receptors as us, so they also suffer heat and cold in the same way.

The dogs that suffer the most from the cold, in addition to puppies which have not yet developed the layer of fat under their hair that acts as thermal insulation, are older dogs since they have weaker muscle mass. We must keep in mind that short-haired dogs regulate heat loss worse, so they can get cold when we go for a walk and stay standing.

In any case, if you see your dog shaking and shivering during your walks, you should consider buying him a coat.

Benefits of dog coats

Dog coats are not only fashion, but progress in improving the quality of life of our dog companions because:

  1. Dog coats are very useful on rainy days, as they prevent water from soaking into the bones and preventing a greater sensation of cold from occurring.
  2. In addition, the coat becomes another layer of protection, this being a very positive aspect, since the coat makes parasites such as ticks or mosquitoes have less space in which to act.
  3. And offers protection against scratches from branches, etc. or possible bites on the back of other dogs or animals.

How to choose the best coat for our dog?

When choosing the best coat for our furry dog, we must keep in mind that the coat must be appropriate for his size, covering his neck, belly and, above all, his back, since if we choose a coat of the wrong size it can cause friction or limitation in your movements.

The dog coat we choose should also be easy to put on and secure to prevent escape.

Brott Barcelona dog coats

The dog coats that we have designed at Brott Barcelona are characterized by being comfortable and warm. With a resistant and soft-touch water repellent finish on the outside that you can adjust in different positions on the front and belly.

Additionally, Brott's coat designs feature a click closure so putting on or taking off the coat is no drama, and an open collar design that allows them to be turned inside out to reveal the internal print and create a unique and unique coat style. original.

Why are greyhound coats different?

Breeds with short hair or with a scarce undercoat, such as greyhounds or hounds, and those of small size, such as the poodle, Maltese or Chihuahua, are the most susceptible to suffering from the drop in temperatures and those that suffer the most. with the arrival of the cold.

Specifically, the greyhound is a very thin dog, without much fat and has very short hair, so in winter it can suffer from drops in temperatures. Furthermore, due to their physiognomy, greyhound coats are longer, to completely cover their back, up to the height of their tail, and narrower due to their morphology.

Greyhound coats from Brott Barcelona

The Brott Barcelona greyhound coats have an outer fabric design with a pleasant touch and a water repellent finish that repels water, making it ideal for going for a walk on rainy days. In addition, Brott Barcelona greyhound coats have interior filling specially designed to protect them from the cold.

Greyhound coats specifically designed to fit perfectly to their peculiar physiognomy and provide them with maximum comfort during the coldest days.

Winter coats for greyhounds from Brott Barcelona

Winter coats for greyhounds are characterized by being warm garments specially designed to provide our greyhound with the best comfort, warmth and help him walk comfortably.

Our winter coats for greyhounds are made with an outer fabric that is water-repellent, making it ideal for rainy days and the interior filling is essential so that they can maintain body heat. Winter coats for greyhounds that are easy to put on, with timeless models and designs that you will love.

At Brott we want you to continue living incredible adventures with your faithful friend, also during the winter ❤