Dog leashes become the perfect accessory for going for a walk with our faithful dog friends. But we must take into account different aspects when choosing the best leash for our dog.


What are the functions of dog leashes?

Dog leashes fulfill a series of very important functions so that our unconditional friend's walk is perfect. It is essential to keep in mind that the leash for walking our dog must be safe and comfortable, both for him and for us. There are different functions that dog leashes perform, such as:

  • Prevent them from picking up things from the floor : We will be able to see the things on the floor around them better.
  • Have greater control during walks and avoid conflicts and accidents : If our faithful friend goes right next to us on walks, if we see another animal with which he does not get along, we can prevent them from attacking or biting each other.
  • Prevent our dog from pulling : With extendable leashes they get used to walking with resistance, since the spring of the cord is always tense and the only thing that is achieved is that the dog pulls.
  • Control of their needs : we prevent our furry friend from doing their business in places where they should not do so.

Tips when choosing a leash for your dog

There are many aspects that we must take into account when choosing the best leash for our faithful friend, such as:

  • Pay special attention to the age and morphology of our dog, since an inadequate leash can make our walks a real adventure.
  • Be careful with the thickness : choosing a leash for a large breed dog is not the same as for a dwarf breed dog, and it is not the same whether it is for a puppy or for an adult. For medium and large breeds and adult dogs, a wider, stronger leash is ideal.
  • Materials : the ideal strap will be one that is made of light materials such as nylon, that is durable, resistant and has a pleasant touch.
  • Choosing the appropriate length : here we find different opinions, but those in favor of positive dog training are in favor of using longer leashes so that our companion has more freedom.

What types of dog leashes exist?

Choosing a strap is not easy since several factors must be taken into account. The first thing you should do is discard dog leashes that do not correspond to the size of yours. If you have a large dog, discard all the ones that are not for him, for example. The same will happen if you have a small dog or a medium-sized dog. Each dog size has an approximate measurement because choosing the right leash is important for peaceful walks.

Standard dog leashes /size S or M/

The standard dog leash is the most used model for walking. Normally, we can find this type of leash in different lengths, although for daily outings it is recommended that it measures between 1.20 and 2 meters long to ensure that you can control your dog, but, at the same time, it can explore its surroundings and move comfortably. At Brott they are made 2 cm or 2.5 cm wide, size S or M respectively and both have a length of 1.20 m. If, due to your height, you need it to be longer, contact us to make it to measure.

Leashes for large and strong dogs /size L/

If we have a tall, large and strong dog, it is advisable that we look for a dog leash that is wide, has a comfortable grip and is made of a resistant material, to ensure that, if it pulls hard, it will not break. ends up breaking easily.

The Brott Barcelona L leash is 4 cm wide and 40 cm long, ONLY for tall and calm dogs or large and strong dogs to be carried close. Although we keep in mind that this strap is not recommended by many professionals for daily walks.

Leashes for small dogs / size XXS, XS or S/

But if we have a small dog, we will not be so interested in the resistance of the leash, since our furry friend will not have as much strength. In this case, it is recommended that the leash be light, 1.2 cm for toy dogs weighing 1.5 to 3kg or 1.5 cm wide for dogs weighing 3 to 5kg. In addition, it is advisable to use a dog harness, since it distributes the force of the leash throughout the body, not just in a single point as in the case of the collar.

Adjustable or multi-position dog leashes

Adjustable straps are those that have different attachments and allow them to be made long or short at a fixed distance. This type of dog leash becomes one of the best options to consider because they are designed with rings in different sizes, in order to adjust it if we want the dog to be close to us, or leave it looser so that it can walk in places. that cannot be left loose and provide our dog with a basic education. The multiposition or training strap has a length of 2.10 cm and is available in 3 different widths: 1.5 cm, 2 cm or 2.5 cm wide (this will cause the carabiners to also vary in size).

Handmade design in dog leashes from Brott Barcelona

The nylon dog leashes that we design at Brott Barcelona are handmade with high-quality, resistant nylon tape, OEKO TEX certified and pleasant to the touch . By using the fabric only on one side, they are comfortable and light , and do not hide the material that provides resistance and safety for your dog and you, main values ​​when choosing a walking outfit.

At Brott Barcelona we handcraft exclusive designs with incredible prints in dog collars in our atelier that you can combine with a matching leash and make the perfect match.

With a Brott collar and leash you will make your furry friend become the center of attention on your walks ❤