At Brott Barcelona we have always respected all animals and in our homes we have been accompanied by dog ​​members as one of the family. Every year, 5% of the website's profits go to different animal protection associations through our project “ We love all them ”.

The month of February is the month in which the hunting season ends and the nightmare begins for many dogs, especially for Greyhounds and Podencos. Abandonments multiply, or worse, many of them are sacrificed. Uncontrolled breeding and mass abandonment of dogs at the end of the hunting season leaves a huge population of starving and sick dogs. It is estimated, according to the different animal protection organizations, that each year around 100,000 greyhounds can be abandoned, mistreated or killed without any consideration.

February, Month of the Solidarity Greyhound

At Brott Barcelona we know that protectors need more help than ever. Brott would not have been possible without one of them, Seproan Sallent, since our first greyhound Nela was adopted there in 2010 and, for that reason, we owe them all our respect and support.

For this reason, last February a solidarity action was carried out where 10% of everything raised from each purchase of a martingale solidarity collar + leash was allocated to the shelter that you chose.

The amount raised on the website for greyhound martingale collars and leashes amounted to €1000 and part of them were sent a package with accessories: collars, leashes and jackets so they could sell them in their store.

The chosen greyhound protective association was Galgos de La Mancha.

Galgos de La Mancha: Galgos protective association chosen

Galgos de la Mancha is made up of a group of volunteers who are aware of the abandonment and abuse suffered by Galgos and Podencos in our country.

The association was born in the heart of the hunting area, in La Mancha, exactly in Tomelloso (Ciudad Real). The massive number of abandonments, the lack of aid and adoptions, gave rise to the need for an association to emerge to help with the precarious situation experienced by animals destined for hunting.

The step was taken to formalize itself as a non-profit association, and on September 5, 2014, the Galgos de La Mancha Association was founded with the aim of rescuing, rehabilitating and finding families for animals that are in a situation of helplessness. Its main objective is to raise awareness and eradicate the situation suffered by these animals, and that in areas very similar to hunting like the one they find, these breeds stop being considered mere hunting tools, and begin to be seen as noble companion animals. that they are, with multiple qualities in their character that are already appreciated in other communities and countries.

Many thanks to all of you who have collaborated during February in Greyhound Month with your purchase of solidarity collars, together we will make this world a better world. Today and always ❤