One of the moments that our furry friends enjoy the most is going for a walk because their nature is made not to stay at home all day. That's why when it's time to go for a walk, they go crazy!

In order to give your dog a proper and safe walk, it is necessary to have some dog accessories such as a harness. At Brott Barcelona we will tell you the advantages of using a dog harness to go for a walk.


Discover 6 advantages of using a dog harness

1. Offers greater security

The dog harness gives you greater control because it covers an extended area of ​​our faithful companion's body, because it is located on the shoulders, front limbs and chest.

2. Greater control over your dog

One of the main advantages of using a dog harness is that it gives you greater control over your unconditional friend. The harness conforms to your dog's body and distributes pressure more evenly. This means you can have more control over the direction your dog moves and prevent him from pulling on the leash.

3. Greater comfort

Unlike traditional collars, dog harnesses are designed to be comfortable for your 4-legged friend. Most harnesses are made with soft, breathable materials that won't irritate your dog's skin. In addition, the large petral dog harness adjusts to your dog's body and gives him greater freedom of movement while you walk him.

4. Ideal for small dogs

Small dogs can be especially vulnerable to neck injuries if you walk them with a collar. Due to their size, it is easy for them to get hurt if they pull hard on the leash. An H-shaped harness for small dogs is ideal because it gives them greater control and reduces the risk of injury.

5. Perfect for dogs with health problems

If your dog has health problems, such as breathing problems or neck or spinal problems, a dog harness may be a safer and more comfortable option than a collar. By distributing pressure more evenly across your dog's body, a harness reduces the risk of worsening any pre-existing health problems.

6. More design options

Another advantage of using a dog harness is that there are a variety of design options to choose from. From padded and adjustable harnesses to harnesses with colorful and fun designs. There is sure to be a Brott dog harness to suit your dog's needs and personality.

Fall in love with Brott Barcelona's dog harness designs

Now you will have no excuse for your dog to be fashionable with its Brott harness. In our collection you will find a multitude of models and prints available so you can choose the one you like the most and he will be trendy on his walks.

The Brott Barcelona breast harness ensures that our dog is comfortable and protected thanks to a system and design that collects the animal's chest and closes behind the shoulder blades. It is very comfortable to put on, adjust and remove thanks to its closure system.

To choose the best harness for your dog, depending on its size, you can choose between 5 sizes, and if you need something custom-made, do not hesitate to write or call us.

  • Size XXS toy dog ​​harness - Adjustable chest length 27 to 39cm (1.2cm wide ribbon)
  • Size S harness for small dogs - Adjustable chest length 32 to 48cm (1.5cm wide ribbon)
  • Size M harness for medium dog - Adjustable chest length 37 to 60cm (2cm wide ribbon)
  • Size L harness for medium-large dog - Adjustable chest length 50 to 77cm (2.5cm wide ribbon)
  • XL size harness for large dogs - Adjustable chest length 60 to 100cm (2.5cm wide strap)

With a Brott harness you will make your furry friend enjoy incredible walks and adventures ❤