The fashion industry is full of surprises and exciting collaborations, but rarely is a combination as supportive and promising as the one formed by two Spanish brands of canine clothing and accessories, Compañía Fantástica and Brottdog.

Both brands are recognized for their unique character, original prints and for always being at the forefront of fashion trends. On this occasion, they have decided to join forces to launch a summer campaign that will not only delight fashion lovers, but will also make a difference in the lives of the dogs of the Life with Dogs shelter.

Compañía Fantástica and Brottdog: A meeting of styles

Compañía Fantástica and Brottdog share a passion for authentic and bold fashion. Both brands have created a name for themselves by offering unique garments with bold prints and fresh designs that fit current trends. While Compañía Fantástica stands out for its colorful and vibrant style, Brottdog brings a more contemporary and urban touch to the accessories of our canine friends, such as dog collars. The combination of these complementary styles promises an explosive collaboration that will capture the attention of fashionistas around the world.

A campaign with a solidarity purpose

The collaboration between Compañía Fantástica and Brottdog goes beyond fashion. Both brands share a deep love and respect for animals, and have decided to take advantage of this opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of the dogs of the Life with Dogs shelter. During the summer campaign, a portion of the sales proceeds will go to supporting this organization committed to the welfare of homeless dogs .

Life with dogs: a protector with a heart

Life with Dogs is a shelter dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and finding loving homes for abandoned dogs. Their tireless work has made a difference in the lives of many animals, giving them a second chance to be loved and cared for. Thanks to the collaboration between Compañía Fantástica and Brottdog, Vida con Perros will receive the necessary support to continue its important work and make a difference in the lives of these adorable four-legged companions.

How can you help?

If you are passionate about fashion and dogs, this is your chance to make a difference. Compañía Fantástica and Brottdog's summer collection is available in select stores and online. An exclusive collection of dog collars and leashes designed so that each purchase contributes directly to the cause of the protective Life with Dogs. The dog walking sets are available in 4 original prints and in 4 sizes of dog collars (XS, S, M and L) and in a martingale system for Greyhounds, with their respective matching leashes.

In addition, you can also collaborate by spreading this initiative on your social networks and sharing the importance of adopting animals and supporting organizations that work for their well-being.

The collaboration between Compañía Fantástica and Brottdog is a brilliant example of how fashion and solidarity can go hand in hand. Discover now all the models they have prepared for you!